Which Birthday Cake goes with Your Birthday Month?

Decorate birthday cake

Birthday cakes are always special. These delicacies are available in plenty of flavors and colors. Right from a yellow-colored cake stuffed in a birthday box with chocolate buttercream frosting, a combination of fresh berries and butter cake, delicious strawberry cakes with whipped frosting, up to a Funfetti cake. Every season has flavor, and the same is with birthday cakes. Every birthday month has its own birthday cake. These cakes are special to all the people born in those particular months.


Funfetti cake is the appropriate celebration birthday cake for the kids born in January. The rainbow sprinkles and the white color matches perfectly with the cold month and can brighten up any birthday. Opt for Cake delivery in Bangalore and choose this desirable cake. To avoid the monotony of work, have this delicacy and cherish your childhood memories.


February is the month of love. And love represent by red color. Yes, Red Velvet Cake is the perfect birthday cake for this month. Unsweetened cocoa, tangy buttermilk, a pinch of vanilla, a dose of acidic vinegar, and cheese frosting makes the cake dense and moist. The dose of red dye makes red velvet cake the most suited cake for the people born in February.


March marks the beginning of season changing and the arrival of early spring. The people who are born in March may celebrate their birthdays with the favorite cake of the Easter Bunny, the carrot cake. The delicious cake has shredded carrot, coconut, crushed pineapples, and crunchy walnuts, and a cream cheese frosting.


For the April babies, nothing is better suited than the strawberry shortcake. In any form, this cake can be enjoyed, right from pound cake, food cake, biscuit cake, up to cupcake. Vanilla and buttermilk layered with whipped cream and strawberries being used as toppings make this cake springtime goodness.


The winter has almost gone, and the tropical summers have just arrived. The coconut raspberry cake can lighten up any May baby. The coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut cream, unsweetened coconut flakes, and the fresh pistachios and strawberry toppings make people crazy for this cake and can make any birthday guy smile.


The June birthday babies deserve the S’mores cake. The layers of chocolate cake being smear in a cracker buttercream, and the cake’s icing is a chocolate ganache consisting of graham cracker, chocolate chunks, and meringue for garnish. It is a perfect cake to have on a summer night over a campfire.


July is the month of blueberries. So, a blueberry lemon cake is an ideal cake for the birthday babies of this month. The lemon and tangy buttermilk-infused cake layered with lemon cream and cheese frosting and the fresh blueberries and lemons being used as a topping makes it fluffy, light, and lemony, and are made for celebrating a birthday in July.


August is hot. And the excitement of this birthday month is filled with road trips, barbecues, road trips, and swimming pools. So, not every cake will do for this month. The August babies deserve something tasty, sweet, and festive for celebrating greatness. The ice cream cake is layered with ice cream sandwiches, Oreos, chocolate cookie crumbs and stuffed with cotton candy, Neapolitan, and bubblegum suits this month.


Autumn is coming, and nothing more than an Apple crumb coffee cake suits the September autumn birthdays. Simply opt for birthday cake online and order this cake. The cake has a chunk of apple, cinnamon, thin apple cider icing, and brown sugar crumb topping and serves the well-being nature of the September birthdays.


In October, Halloween is not very far, and about one month is left. Nothing can be as perfect as a peanut butter cup chocolate birthday cake. If you are a lover of chocolatey fudge and brownies, you will love this cake. The creamy peanut butter and the chocolate frosting contribute to the deliciousness of the cake.


So, November has arrived, the season for pumpkins. So, for spicing things up for the November babies, nothing can beat the taste of a pumpkin cheesecake. Pumpkin spice and puree being infused with this cream cheesecake and the dust of cracker cake makes the cake everyone’s favorite.


December, the end of the year, the new year is around the corner and the month of Christmas. Too many things together. So, the December babies deserve something special, that is, a gingerbread layer cake with salted whiskey caramel. The whiskey buttercream and boozy whiskey caramel sauce toppings make the cake truly special.


Cakes are always special and are considered to be the most popular gifts of all time. Whether it is a birthday, a wedding ceremony, or a graduation party, you are covered. If you are brainstorming on deciding the perfect birthday cake for your birthday month, opt for MyFloralKart, and select the most exclusive cakes for yourself and other beloved people in your life on the most special day of the year.

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