When Should Women Visit Sexologists?

Reasons To Visit A Sexologist

Discussing sexual health has always been a very taboo subject. Apart from the orthodox ideology, mostly women hesitate while talking about their sexual life.

But there are so many couples who might notice ups and downs in their relationship due to this issue, which makes it much more crucial to consult a sexologist in jalandhar. If neglected, it could hamper your physical as well as mental health.

Lack of interest in your partner, financial, mental, and physical stress, and clashes of ego are factors that could impact your married life.

This all discourse brings us to the question of when should women consult a Sexologist in amritsar to treat their sexual problems?

Why Should A Woman Consult A Sexologist?

When you can not enjoy the pleasure given by your partner during sexual intimacy, you must consult a doctor to learn about the problem. This psychological issue can be the leading cause of sexual dysfunction or sexual disorders,

When such sexual disorders affect not only your sexual life but also mental peace and physical activities, you must immediately try to be in contact with an expert doctor.

Sexual dysfunction can also be caused by excessive smoking, consuming alcohol, stress, anxiety, depression, performance issues, hormonal imbalances, taking certain medicines, medical conditions including diabetes, heart problems, neurological disorders, and many more. 

Reasons That Should Ignite The Need In Women For Sexologists

  1. Loss of libido or lack of interest in sex

If you have not been physically intimate with your partner for a long time, and you are not noticing any excitement over it due to psychological and hormonal changes, it is due to a lack of interest in sex 

  1. Arousal disorder

Visit a sexologist when you can not get aroused during sexual activities. It can be a barrier to having a good sex life as you would not be able to meet the desired outcome and not satisfy your partner’s needs. 

  1. Orgasm disorder

Most women are noticed not to reach the climax; it is a common myth that women can not attain orgasm easily. If you find a struggle to orgasm, you should seek help from your sexologist. 

  1. Vaginal dryness or inadequate vaginal lubrication

Most women are unaware of it, but it is a common problem they face. Ayurvedic medicines can quickly cure it. If not treated, it could generate dissatisfaction and embarrassment. 

  1. Pain

Although most women experience pain during intercourse, it is not a common trait, and they must immediately seek advice from a sexologist.

It is also referred to as dyspareunia. And it can be caused because of many reasons, including infection, dryness, vaginismus, vagina trauma like lesions and ulcers. 

  1. Hormonal deficiency

You could lose interest in sex because of hormonal deficiency, like reducing estrogen levels in females. 

Treatment For Sexual Problems In Woman With Ayurveda

You can quickly cure your sexual problems with Ayurvedic medicines. This treatment would not leave any side effects on your body and mind. A safe and successful process to get rid of any sexual dysfunction.

 Where Can You Treat Your Sexual Disorder?

At Sanjiwani Health Centre, you can treat your sexual disorder in a comfortable environment that would make you at ease while disclosing your problems.

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