What’s the traditional method of serving tasty South Indian Meal?

South Indians Dishes

Having tasty & healthy food is like a different experience altogether. If you are into trying diverse Cuisine, then do give South Indian meals a try to make your culinary experience different. One difference about South Indian meals is the way it’s served and eaten. No doubt both these things are different in this type of Cuisine. It’s one of those cuisines made and served with extreme love & care. If you want to give this Cuisine a try, then visit the top-rated Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill to make your culinary experience different in all ways.

South Indian Cuisine different in all ways

South Indian cuisine food options are pre-served on a plate & then placed in front of the individuals who want to have it. If you talk about South Indian culture, FOOD is one of the imperative parts. When you visit an Indian restaurant, the way food is served is highly different.

Following all the necessary rules in serving will make sure everything is enjoyed while you have the meal. No doubt every meal has to be enjoyed with utmost satisfaction so that every bite can be relished the way you want it to be. Moreover, if you are having a meal with your loved ones, you want everyone to enjoy it. Otherwise, there is no fun.

The traditional method of serving South Indian meal

The most definitive way of serving South Indian meals is using plucked banana leaves, which are fresh. These are also known as Vazha ilai. Food (Sappad) is served on a banana leaf & its size varies from one leaf to another, which acts as an identity card for the food.

The size of the leaf can vary a lot & it depends on the tapering end of the leaf, which has a cut, and it is narrow in size. It is washed and the best choice to have during lunch. It’s possible that the leaves are cut into different sizes, which makes them easier to use for tiffin or while having a lighter meal.

When the talk is about the main course meal, then the leaf is not tapered & it’s best to use for different events. In front of the diner, the leaf is kept & the tapering end is placed on left

hand side.

How is South Indian Food served?

South Indian food is served in a different manner. To begin with, payasam is placed on the leaf right side & this allows the diner to see the food quickly. When the food is served, here’s how everything is done:

  • Pacchadi (raita) doodhi pachadi is served on the top right corner.
  • Afterward, curries avail are added and then picked like ginger pachdi. Bear in mind everything is placed on the leaf top.
  • The heavier food options are placed on the left side, like Dal vada, sweets (Pineapple sheera), mixed rice like coconut & lemon rice. Then comes the dal Kerala parippu, which has ghee & rice in it. Finally, Sambhar & Rasam are added.
  • Then moong dal payasam is served with dried banana leaves & there is buttermilk and curd rice.

The South Indian meal is all different but tasty & healthy. If you want to give this a try, then visit Shriji to make your taste buds dance to the tune of delicious Indian meals.

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