What Does Your Tongue Tell About Your Physical And Oral Health?


Maintaining a healthy life has exponentially grown in recent times; people are more conscious about what they consume.

But are they as conscious about their oral health as their physical health? You might have heard about how your oral health plays an important role in maintaining your overall health. That makes taking care of oral hygiene a must.

But did you know your tongue could be an indicator of your health?

The tongue is not only an important part that helps in licking and tasting things, but it can also provide a good clue to your dentist about your health, which makes managing and treating your health issues much easier.

People usually go to the dentist when in dire need, like Dental Fillings in Bangalore, one of the most demandable services. However, visiting the dentist regularly would eliminate any oral issues in the long run.

Say Ahhhhhhh To Your Dentist

You might remember how the doctors check your physical health by monitoring your tongue. They made you say “ahhhhh” while looking for symptoms that could dictate your health problem.

What Does Your Tongue Tell You About Your Health?

  • White Coating On Your Tongue

As your tongue should be of pink color, if you notice a white shade in some parts of your tongue, it might indicate the overgrowth of yeast, also known as oral thrush, in the oral cavity. It happens when you do not brush your tongue while brushing your teeth. The white substance on your tongues washes away if you regularly brush your tongue and your teeth. Maintaining your overall oral hygiene is the key.

  • White Patches On Tongue

If you consume tobacco through smoking or chewing tobacco, it can be a leading cause of Leukoplakia, a condition that irritates your mouth. A Dentist in Bangalore would recommend you to leave tobacco habits. If you notice white patches, you might immediately see a dentist rule out the chances of cancer.

  • Overly Red Tongue

Having a red tongue indicates healthy oral and physical health, but excessive of anything is bad. Thus if you notice an overly red tongue, you must visit a dentist as it might be symptoms of Kawasaki disease, which is linked with vitamin deficiency. This could be easily treated by adding some vitamins supplement to your diet.

  • Irregular Red Bumpy Patches

You might have seen that doctor do a thorough check-up by monitoring your tongue. It is to see whether you have red bumpy patches that are roughly drawn in the tongue. It indicates that you are suffering from a high fever.

  • Tender And Sore Tongue

If you are struggling to consume any food, or there is an underlying soreness in some or all parts of your tongue, it might be caused by an allergic reaction, or you are suffering from a canker sore. If this symptom does not go away in time, you must visit a dentist to cure the problem.

Final Comments

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