What are the common errors you should avoid in IELTS Letter Writing?

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During this test, one of the essential parts is writing a letter of just 150 words. As the name suggests, it is written for a general purpose which requires making a complaint, or you need to thank a friend. Being a straightforward task, the chance of making common errors are higher. But doing so will lower the IELTS score you wish to have. To prepare for the same appropriately, you should begin the preparation by joining the top-rated IELTS Institute in Mohali.

IELTS Letter Writing: Don’t make these mistakes

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  • Not including the proper closing & opening

Some students forget to use the proper closing & opening or even forget at times. Just imagine you forget something appropriate to use in the beginning, then the score will automatically get lower. Ensure the proper salutations are selected in the end & appropriate ones are used in the end. It’s always about choosing the right tone and style for the same.

  • Forgetting the necessary bullet points

Bullet points are essential in letter writing. Moreover, plurals require utmost attention. For example, You are asked to sum up the situation in 2 facts about how it is making your life easier. In doing so, you only mentioned one of the scenarios & did not focus on the other. So, if you don’t mention everything precisely, it is like getting a penalty which means the score will get lower.

  • Using incorrect or unwanted information

When writing for a general-purpose, you have to write everything to the point. Before you start, take a few minutes and understand what you are asked to write. This way, throughout your entire IELTS Letter Writing, you will stay focused on one scenario & there will be uniformity in your letter writing. The task which is given to you, it’s better to read it thoroughly. Underline the necessary keywords to figure out what you have to keep your writing style as. If you understand it wrong or try to misinterpret the situation, your writing will go wrong, which automatically affects your IELTS band score.

Preparation is important

Undoubtedly, doing it for the first time can be difficult, but once you get the hang of it, everything will be easier to deal with. To prepare for the same, you should join the best IELTS coaching institute near me & get all the necessary details on how to proceed further.

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