What Are the Best Hidden Sex Toys For Woman?

What Are the Best Hidden Sex Toys For Woman?

Have you ever faced a situation when your kid (or a pet dog) rambles into the room while you’re having a sex toy in hand (or mouth) and find yourself in an awkward situation?

Such self-pleasure gadgets are well disguised as everyday objects, be they a rubber ducky, a whip, a lipstick pack, or a compact mirror.

Let’s just assume… a friend of yours has bought a new piece of jewelry and maybe (just maybe) that is not just an ornament set but a dildo that can serve other purposes too – if you get what we mean!

Sex Toys For Woman

So you should invest in the one that does the job when you need it and remains discreet during its off-hours, that’s what you want – Right?

Discreet vibrators exist and it’s no doubt that they are any less powerful or pleasurable to use because of their discreetness! It’s not that everyone wants to disclose their self-pleasure and shout out in open – and that’s fine and acceptable.

But never worry, any need to be stressed and frustrated, ladies! We’re here to help. We’ve listed here a few of the best discreet vibrators. These things are beyond mom-friendly. You can pop them in your purse, pockets or even hide them in your make-up kit.

A Jewellery Set

A classy necklace that looks simple enough that no one could ever guess is secretly a vibrator (available by multiple manufacturers) plays a dual role, as a necklace and a vibrator.

This long silver-plated and bullet-shaped necklace just gives an impression of general jewelry. No one would suspect that this piece has other purposes too, not just adorning your neck. This 4 inches pendant is USB rechargeable and has multiple control settings.

Rocks Off Bullet Vibrator -Sex Toys For Woman

It is considered as the ‘best discreet sex toy’ for women who want to step in for the first time in this self-pleasure fantasy. This adorable bullet vibrator is super small, which makes it one of the most discreet but don’t go with size – Nah!

as it gives you powerful little vibes. Rocks Off toys are so well made, that their small size will give really strong vibrations to your clitoris. It comes in attractive rose gold color and is available in almost every Sex shop.

Just Nail-Polish

With its subtle and simple design, this corking and purse-friendly vibrator will do the trick without coming to anyone’s notice. No one can ever have an idea that your ideal Nail Polish pack is something a much naughtier object that helps you to handle your loneliness and fulfill your pleasure and desire. It is also considered one of the best PantyVibrators.


Suction Toy ‘Obi’

With the highest rating of 5 stars – This little cutie got it all you need to go on!

As the rating won’t lie, the Obie toy is built using soft, top-quality silicone – making it a ‘dream come true to maneuver over your clit and other pleasure simulations.

Some of the experts say ‘sucking is the best method to fulfill the pleasure’ and hence this toy ticks at all the external pleasure boxes.

As far as appearance is concerned, it’s cute as a baby chick which you can carry out and pass it off as a hipster therapy diffuser.

Supported with wireless charging, this is a brilliant mood swinger and helps you forget masturbation. Obie is also considered to be as quiet as a ‘pin-drop, so use it and it won’t disturb the kids, guests, and neighbors.

The Bender’ -Sex Toys For Woman

When the result is an orgasm and satisfaction of the highest level with no regrets – you should opt for this one. Bender is a flexible, powerful sex toy female that’s bendier than your gym coach and fits for all kinds of stimulations, including clit, spots such as G-spot and A-spot.

It features around 10-12 vibration speeds and patterns, measures as a satisfying 7.5 inches long dildo, and comes with approx 2-hour battery life supported by magnetic USB charging.

Cactus Figure

This charming Cactus Figure will look graceful in your room when you are not using it for its actual role – you know what we mean. These are 3D printed, hand-polished, non-porous, and hypoallergenic sex toys.

If you want a vibrator that helps you obtain vibrations to your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously and is also cute and discreet, this discreet plant-like figure is the best shot. It’s small size (only 5.5 inches in length) that includes 4 inches of insertable length. It is also made from firm silicone and is waterproof.

The Blusher

You might have used a ‘Blusher’ and it surely finds a place in your Make-up bag, Right? So what if – you use a Blusher-shaped Vibrator to help you achieve pleasure and clitoral stimulation.

This new vibrator is safe and easy enough to carry in your purse. It purely resembles an ordinary compact blush with a mirror – but does exactly what you want.

Oh, technology and innovations – you beauty!

The Fleshlight -Sex Toys For Men

Lastly, let’s not forget to discuss ‘fleshlight’, one of the best original hidden sex toys for men. Using this will surely going to be an illuminating experience.

The inside part is coated with a soft material having no phthalates. It’s also easy to wash — just remove the sleeve from the fleshlight case, apply soap and rinse with warm water.

It is available in different sizes as per the requirement.

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