Ways to Become an Award-Winning Pie Brand

custom pie boxes

Pie has become the most popular baked dish across the world and specifically in the UK. Therefore, confectioners prefer to provide the best experience to pie lovers in order to win them as a customer. Custom pie boxes are an amazing source for bakers as they not only keep the pies fresh for longer durations but increase their appeal as well. Moreover, the sturdy cardboard also protects the pies and ensures their safe delivery. Confectioners can get them in the desired sizes, colors, and dimensions as per their demands and needs. The customization techniques like die-cutting, embossing, foiling, scoring, and gluing allow a brand to get a distinctive packaging solution. Moreover, the best technologies are used regarding printing to get striking and fascinating colors.

This innovative packaging solution designed by the expert teams also aids in promotional purposes. All the business requirements are fulfilled perfectly by this unique solution. British pie awards are an amazing opportunity for the pie makers to show their crafts and skills. This event is organized every year in the month of March. It has been noticed that winning confectioners also cash the achievement by promoting it through the pie boxes. Some certain patterns are analyzed on which the brands are getting success in all types of the contest. Here are few such ways to become an award-winning pie brand.

Enroll in multiple categories

These competitions are categorized for the different types of pies, and separate awards are also given for every type. It is commonly known as the Melton food festival, where butchers, confectioners, and restaurants are allowed to participate with the given guidelines. Usually, there are 23 categories in which these bakers can participate. It is also allowed to participate in multiple categories at the same time. Come up with your best pies that are an icon of your food brand. Enrolling in multiple categories will increase the chances of winning the supreme trophy. Usually, the gold, silver, and bronze awards are given to every participant according to the ranking by judges. More there will be gold more there will be chances of having a supreme trophy at the table.

Focus on crust aesthetics

Giving the crust a top priority would not be unfair in the case of the pies. It is the first element that comes under the notice of the people. Even people make their purchasing decisions in the bakeries by seeing the crust from custom pie boxes. Usually, there are two types of it the mealy crust and the flaky crust. Make sure to have the tender and flaky dough, and it is only possible by mixing all the ingredients well while preparing the dough. Avoid adding too much water during the dough preparation, as it will make it tough to handle. The flaky crust is baked along with the filling by covering the filling with a top and bottom crust. The golden color of the crust is the key to win the competition.

Ensure a smooth filling 

The filling is the most crucial phase during the preparation of a pie. Different types of fillings are used according to the taste of people. Filling ingredients is a must-printed element by the bakers over the pie boxes UK. Vegan has remained a winner in the last few years in the different pie awards in last few years. Beefy pies have also earned massive success, but vegetarian pies have won the competitions more easily. Ensure that all the ingredients of the filling are smoothly blended into each other. Excess or shortage of a particular element can lower down the impact on judges. Use of the cheese as an essential ingredient has also been seen in the winner pies in past years. A soggy and juicy filing is the key to stand at the top.

Add an alluring finishing touch

The way a pie is finished before shifting it to the baking process matters a lot. Without any doubt, it is the winning tactic to inspire the judges. These are the images of a fabulous finishing that are printed over the custom pie boxes in food streets to allure the food lovers. The same rule applies here. You can opt for a nice lattice top in this regard. Lay down a number of strips over the filling by stretching the dough. The woven lattice works best to inspire the people rather than the simple lattice. You can also opt for a diamond top or can craft a custom shape by rolling out the dough to put over the crust.

Avoid over or under baking the pies

The baking stage is the most important phase for any type of food product like pastries or donuts. However, it is essential for the pies when you have to become an award-winning pie brand. Getting success and promoting it through the pie boxes in the UK will aid in getting more sales later on. So, concentrate on the baking time in these competitions. Use the best non-sticking fry pans that could also control the temperature while preparing the top and bottom crust. Prefer placing the pies over the bottom rack in an oven so that the bottom crust could also get baked nicely. It will help to get a golden look like the top. Cover it with foiling and bake it at 425° for at least 25 minutes. Bake it a little more after removing the foiling if needed.

Present them delightfully 

Presentation matters a lot becomes the winner of people’s hearts as well. It is why the brands use specially designed custom pie boxes for nicely presenting their pies in bakeries. During the award competitions, the final touch and way of presenting the pies is a factor that judges also give importance to. Use the baking sheets during the baling process to keep cleanliness in the working space. You can fold the edges of pies to create a mesmerizing look, and the filling juice will also not get leaked because of it. Fork tines are also helpful to create an engaging design over the edges.

Following all these tactics will surely make your bakery an award-winning brand that will ultimately benefit from raising its customer base. You can announce this success later on over the Pie boxes used to package your pies. Seeing this success, more people will get engaged with your types of pies as well.


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