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Both kids and teens love online games, but not everyone knows that it can be not only a wonderful pastime, but also a good extra income. The main thing is to choose a project that allows you to change your money from real tax and pay with popular payment systems, after which you will only be immersed in the virtual world and you will be twice as happy. How to make money online, and what does a gamer need to know about this method of generating revenue?


  • Rating online games that you can earn
    • Casino X
    • Taxi money
    • The world of the farmer
    • My lands
    • Dragon eggs
    • Gold Monopoly
    • Invest City
    • Tropical birds
    • Golden tea

Rating online games that you can earn

You can earn money in almost all modern games, such as Megapopular World of Tanks and World of Warcraft. But the problem is that players who want to earn revenue have to reach a high enough level. It is much easier to get a browser or Flash games – they have simple gameplay and do not require special skills or experience.

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Casino X

The project uses programs from Microgaming, Mega Jack, Novomatic, NetEnt, Play best html5 games

Year of release: 2012

One of the few virtual casinos that has run long enough and gained a good reputation. To generate income, you have to win different kids chances, starting with roulette, ending with slots (slot machines) with different plot. Profits and withdrawals are unlimited and money can be received in any way – electronic payment systems, bank cards, telephone trail.

Online Casino Pros:

  • Good reputation;
  • Lack of information about fraud;
  • A large number of different games that are constantly updated.

Cons Game:

  • Long account verification procedure;
  • Long waits for the withdrawal request to be fulfilled.

Taxi money

More than 800 thousand users are registered in the game

Year of commencement: 2014

Taxi money is one of the most popular economic strategies with simple and fun features. The player has to buy a car, free html5 games and carry out virtual orders and a better car, a higher income. Revenues range from 0.33 to 1270 rubles per day, experienced players will receive 250-500 rubles per day. Cash can be withdrawn by electronic balance or bank card receipt commission.

Advantages of economic strategy:

  • Easy interface;
  • Friendly technical support;
  • Quick withdrawal;
  • Opportunity to earn good money;
  • Players can take part in all sorts of promotions and receive bonuses.

Disadvantages of the project:

  • Is the amount of payment and cash is required to cash them out.

The world of the farmer

The amount of income is determined on the farm.

Year of commencement: 2016

Farm Simulator and Economic Strategy – The farmer owner must present their production by creating efficient chains. For example, you can plant wheat, sprinkle with flour, and bake bread that is sold on a virtual exchange. Withdrawals are made through electronic payment systems (except webmasters), bank cards and mobile phones, the average salary is 30-150 rubles per day.

For effective development it is recommended to study the requirements and plan the budget and then purchase the buildings and the necessary seeds.

Advantages of Farm Simulator:

  • The ability to play simultaneously and do other things;
  • Simple functions;
  • Receive bonuses and play on sweets.

Cons Game:

  • Only 5 players can score money;
  • Normal profit requires investment;
  • Outdated graphics;
  • The site sometimes crashes.

My lands

You can play on a mining or combat server

Year of commencement: 2010

Military-economic strategy with elements of fantasy.  Along the way, you have to develop your territory and science, protect yourself from monsters and unfriendly neighbors, find allies and join clans. Experienced players will receive $ 500-800 per month, payment is made through payment systems.

Advantages of the strategy:

  • The game does not require constant presence;
  • An interesting plot;
  • A variety of functions;
  • Well thought out training for beginners.

Disadvantages of the project:

  • Minimum initial investment required ($ 10-20);
  • Insufficiently dynamic gameplay;
  • Banal graphics.

Dragon eggs

Maximum referral income 9%

Starting year: 2018

An economic strategy that experienced players call the average income. The player must buy dragons and sell eggs by them. Purchase pets as much as you like, after which you can “pump” them to make them run faster. Withdraw money in electronic cash, including the money received can be bought in Bitcoins, the minimum profit – 1.93 rubles per month.

Game advantages:

  • An interesting plot;
  • Simple gameplay in which there is no need to create long-term economic chains;
  • Additional revenue opportunities (see advertisers);
  • Well developed site.

Consideration of economic strategy:

  • Confused personal account;
  • Inability to withdraw funds through the popular payment system (Yandex.Money, Webmoney, PayPal).

Gold Monopoly

The game has a well-designed site.

Starting year: 2017

A game for fans of the old monopoly – players have to buy buildings and develop them to a certain level, earning revenue from each – therefore, the more “better” you can earn. Withdrawal methods Electronic payment systems and bank cards, the maximum profit is 14 rubles per hour.

Project advantages:

  • Good graphics;
  • Minimum investment amount;
  • Big bonus when registering;
  • An interesting plot.

Cons Online Games:

  • Income is almost impossible without investment;
  • In the game you can earn only 50% of internal cash (building development automatically shifts)

Invest City

The development of the city is gaining new roads

Year of commencement: 2016

Another game based on the principles of monopoly – the essence of which is to buy business and other objects, develop at a high level and earn a decent income. Withdrawn money is made with the help of payment systems, the minimum income is about 11 rubles per day, the maximum, according to the developers, is unlimited.

Game advantages:

  • Interesting, new scenario (classic “monopoly” scheme with new options);
  • High quality graphics;
  • Good technical support.

Disadvantages of the project:

  • gameplay has a large number of nuances in which you have a long time to understand;
  • Only two more popular payment systems are available for cash withdrawals, and applications are processed within at least one day.

Tropical birds

The earlier the bird closes off, the more it costs

Starting year: 2017

A simple economic strategy from the category “Poultry farm” in which money is earned by selling eggs. Accordingly, a certain color of the bird must be purchase: white money is at least and red is a little, and so on. Received currency (starting from 1 ruble per day) can be change to internal frequency and transferred to electronic cash or receive new birds.

Advantages of economic strategy:

  • Fun and easy gameplay;
  • High quality design;
  • Opportunity to get surfing sites and advertising.

Cons Game:

  • Feedback about the game is very controversial (quite a bit of information about the problems that start with the bills);
  • Investments are need for normal income.

Golden tea

The game is simple, not very nice graphics.

Year of commencement: 2015

A simple economic strategy like the rest of the “farm” games that offers players to try themselves as the owner of tea plantations. First you need to buy bushes, plant them on the playing field, then collect the leaves and sell them to the administration. You can earn 1 ruble per day, funds will appear in electronic cash, including WebMoney, Yandex.Money and Bitcoin.

Advantages of online games:

  • Good starting bonus for beginners;
  • Elementary gameplay (leaves automatically correct);
  • Does not require constant presence on the site;
  • Large number of different promotions for active users.

Disadvantages of the project:

  • Earnings without investment and attraction referrals will be minimal.
  • There is no information about blocking accounts.

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