Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams

competitive exams

Who doesn’t dream of securing a government job in India? Probably, no one. It’s a privilege to grab a government job. Well, do you know how to get one?

You need to go through toilsome examinations and personal interviews. The government of India conducts myriad competitive exams to churn out capable candidates.

Generally, candidates fight tooth and nail to qualify for the exam. It’s the negative marking in exams that makes a selection for government jobs stringent. To cope up with this competition, candidates adhere to an organized routine. 

There are several exams in the queue to be conducted this year. If you are going to appear for any competitive exam, it’s essential to lower the risk of negative marking. To ace any bank exam, you can choose to link with a prestigious institute that offers perfect bank coaching in Delhi

Here are some valuable tips and tricks to reduce negative marking in competitive exams:

Candidates do their best to score as high marks as they can. However, negative marking cuts down their overall score. It’s highly important to make all possible efforts to reduce marking. This article will serve as a panacea to those who want to score high in competitive exams. 

  • Skip the doubtful questions

The ninja technique to assure high marks in the exam is to attempt the confident questions. Firstly, mark the questions you know best. Attempting doubtful questions will waste your time.

Furthermore, you may lose marks by attempting those questions. However, take care that you are not skipping too many questions. Thus, you need to cover all aspects of the exam to perform well. 

  • Avoid being overconfident

To crack the exam, it is vital to be confident. However, don’t let that confidence overestimate your potential. Sometimes candidates lose marks because of their overconfidence.

Most of the time candidates get excited after seeing that they know the answers to every question. This makes them commit some silly mistakes which lead to negative marking. So, try to answer every question with patience. 

  • Attempt easy questions first

Every candidate appears for the exam with the best preparation. What creates the difference is how you attempt the exam? Firstly, read the questions carefully. Afterward, attempt those that are easy. Keep difficult questions to be solved in the end. This way you’ll be able to attempt maximum questions in minimum time.

Moreover, answering easy questions first will motivate you to attempt the exam properly. For a well-prepared candidate, almost every question will be easy. However, it is advisable to read the question carefully before answering it. 

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  • Read every question thoroughly

The most common mistake students commit while attempting exams is that they don’t read questions carefully. So, make a habit of reading questions carefully.

Before answering a question, read the question carefully. Doing this can help you mark the right answers. This way you’ll be able to reduce negative marking in any competitive exam. 

  • Never skip practicing mock tests

Your preparation phase plays a major role in scoring high marks. Practicing mock tests can assure your success in competitive exams.

You can analyze your performance and improve it. Additionally, you’ll be able to simulate the exam experience. Doing this will enhance your confidence to appear for the exam. Moreover, your speed and accuracy for solving questions will improve. 

  • Proper note-making

We all know what to prepare. The real task is how efficiently we prepare for the exam. The best way to prepare for each phase is to make notes. Writing what you know is an efficacious way to retain concepts. 

So, make notes on every subject. These notes are highly helpful during the last phase of preparation. Also, make handwritten notes instead of using any digital device. 

  • Don’t tick answers during last minute

Avoid the last-minute rush. Sometimes students start doing the guesswork at the last minute. This is the noxious way to increase negative marking in exams.  Instead, you can use the last minute for revision. Utilize every minute of the exam properly. It’s quite obvious that the last minute creates anxiety in candidates. So, try not to attempt any questions when you feel anxious. 

  • Coaching institutes can help

Many candidates prepare for the exam by relying on self-study. However, availing of coaching can help you achieve desirable scores in competitive exams.

So, link with a coaching institute that provides top-notch coaching. Nowadays, every candidate joins a coaching institute to beef up their efficiency. Almost every SSC aspirant avails coaching to reduce the risk of negative marking. Are you an SSC aspirant? If yes, approach a leading institute that offers brilliant SSC coaching in Delhi.


These are some of the tips and tricks that aid in lowering the risk of negative marking in competitive exams. Adhere to the tips given above, if you aim to grab a desirable government job. The aforementioned tips can help candidates who are novices to competitive exam preparation.

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