Tips to Prepare Financially for Study MBBS in China

study mbbs in china

Studying MBBS in abroad is a great achievement and a lifetime experience for the student. But without proper planning and financial preparation beforehand, this can turn into a dream. Students with good grades and taking all necessary and required entrance exams can study MBBS in China. They can get easily accepted into any recognized educational institution.

Here Are the Same Basic and Important Tips for Students Who are Financially Prepared to Study in China –

  1. Scholarship

Many institutions provide scholarship opportunities to the best candidates to study MBBS in abroad. And the total amount of scholarships depends on the various universities like Nanjing Medical University (NMU) individuals. Every student has a desire to study abroad. They should start researching all available sources of financial support and aid or seek a scholarship from the university like Nanjing Medical University (NMU) and the foreign government. By visiting any official website that provides scholarships from the institution, a waiver from the total fee or partial fee exemption or exemption from the fee structure for accommodation with or without meals can be obtained. Therefore, you should check the possible eligibility criteria to apply for a scholarship that can help you study MBBS in China.

  1. Educational Loan

The government of India has definitely provided 7 lakh student education loans for all students studying MBBS in abroad. You should prepare an offer letter and visit your bank. And apply all required documents for education loans. Also, find these governments or communities that provide education loans and additional amenities to the bank and other financial institutions.

  1. Corporate Scholarship or Loan

Today, various national or international corporate companies provide educational scholarships or loans to students studying abroad. Bill Gates foundation, Birla Foundation, TATA Foundation, and many more provide credit plus scholarship opportunities for eligible candidates. He has little confidence in performing a sample analysis for someone selected from a good candidate who can prove he has won a scholarship each year.

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  1. Part-Time Job

Working a part-time job is the best way to survive in abroad. For post-grad students, it is the best possible recommendation from many counselors. Working a part-time job is not that easy as doing a part-time job along with regular classes and coping with college seems hard but it helps a lot to get over your financial burden. Every foreign immigrant student can work 15 hours to 20 hours a week according to the country’s rules, so a part-time job is the best way to balance your financial planning.

  1. Prepare Your Budget

If you are planning to study MBBS in China from then on, you should plan your appropriate budget. Therefore, it helps you understand your financial needs for your entire course duration. The budget is needed to estimate all your college fees, travel tickets, living expenses, transportation expenses, visas, processing fee structure, foreign fee structure (if any), medical, and any other miscellaneous expenses related to work. In other words, your budget is a kind of future planning while you are studying in abroad.

  1. Plan in Advance

To plan ahead is to plan before you do. The institute helps to get accurate information about universities like Nanjing Medical University (NMU) and countries, checks live conditions with any university.

List of Top 15 MBBS Universities in China for Indian Students Which Is Approved by the NMC (National Medical Commission) and the WHO (World Health Organization) –

  1. Guangzhou Medical University
  2. North Sichuan Medical University
  3. Guangxi Medical University
  4. Kunming Medical University
  5. China Medical University
  6. Dalian Medical University
  7. Xinjiang Medical University
  8. Anhui Medical University
  9. Sun Yat-Sen University
  10. Shandong University
  11. Fujian Medical University
  12. Hebei Medical University
  13. Harbin Medical University
  14. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  15. Xuzhou Medical University

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