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All professions present some risk. Teachers’ insurance deals with all sorts of problems that a teacher faces throughout his career. Being a teacher entails the possibility of being subject to claims for damages cause to third parties in the course of the teaching activity or by the students in their trust.

What is teachers’ liability insurance

L ‘ insurance for civil responsibility of teachers is a policy that protects the school teachers of all levels – but also the leaders and school personnel – from claims by third parties.

In particular, professional insurance for school teachers is an insurance product built on the specific needs of teachers.

The function of this civil liability insurance is to avoid having to personally compensate any damage, by having the insurance company intervene.

Who is the teachers’ insurance for?

Managers, teachers and school staff can subscribe the policy. Some companies offer the same coverage to guides, instructors, interns and entertainers. In any case, these are professionals who work in contact with the public, who can be temporarily put their trust with minors, groups and families for various activities.

What does teachers’ insurance cover?

‘ insurance for teachers offers coverage for damage cause by facts or circumstances in which a third party is damage, through clear and complete guarantees that include all activities relating to teaching.

The insurance compensates for damage cause to pupils, colleagues, non-teaching staff (ATA) and parents. The policy is active during school and extracurricular activities, including the time of recreation inside or outside the schools, the relationship with students within the school walls in the periods immediately precedes or following the lesson.

One of the most interesting insurance coverage for teachers, generally included in teachers’ insurance, is that relating to educational trips.

School trips are in fact moments in which the teacher can be hold responsible if any of the children get hurt or damage the hotel room and the bus.

In these cases, the company will compensate the damages to third parties. The teacher ‘s insurance also compensates for damage to people and things occurring inside museums, factories and industrial plants.

Physical education lessons and workshops

A particular speech should be made for those activities, such as the teaching of Motor Sciences or other disciplines that involve the use of sports equipment, laboratories for chemistry and physics experiments or for learning activities in the mechanical, electrical and electronic fields. The liability policies teachers will also compensate the damages due to these training activities, to protect teachers from claims for damages.

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The extensions of the insurance policy for teachers

Each insurance company enriches the basic product with coverage that can be purchase optionally.

Some additions are also envisage for the private insurance of teachers . Let’s imagine, for example, that a teacher carries out private lessons or repetitions: in some cases it is possible to prolong the guarantees of the teachers’ policy with that relevant to private activities, connect to the school world.

Another case is that represent by physical education teachers who in the afternoon carry out private activities in gyms and sports clubs. In this case, if the teacher subscribes to a specific extension, it is possible to guarantee against claims for damages in the course of private activity.

It is also possible to prolong the guarantee with the specific “errors and omissions” clause that protects the teacher in the event that the damage was cause by inattention, or a professional error. The most common causes of accidents are generally in the basic warranty, however it is possible to increase the protection by protecting yourself from cases of gross negligence.

It is also possible to protect oneself with a teachers’ policy against reimbursement by the State for damages that the public entities compensate, while the principal is reserve for optional guarantees for claims for damages that connect to professional errors.

The costs for the professional activity of a lawyer are also generally include in the basic policy, while some companies require a modest supplement to allow you to appoint their own trustworthy lawyer.

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Teacher insurance and accident extension

The insurance for teachers does not provide coverage for accidents to the contractor. Schools are cove by compulsory insurance by law, however the school environment is not always safe, both in its structural elements and in the relationship with the pupils’ families.

It is therefore possible to insure yourself with a personalize accident policy, which offers additional guarantees to that of the school, for the purposes of compensation for damages. It will be good to include in the guarantees a daily allowance for each day of non-activity, the possibility of hospitalization in private facilities and the policy conditions that prove useful with respect to health needs.

For example, there are judgments that do not recognize the right of the teacher that participates in a refresher course to compensate for an accident from the policy stipulate by the school, and it is therefore reasonable to provide and protect oneself with private accident insurance.

How to take out teachers’ insurance

To obtain a quote for a teachers’ policy, it is possible to use online estimates, which allow you to compare the proposals of different companies and choose the one you prefer.

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