Tandoori Roti And Naan: Learn The Differences And Cooking Method

Tandoori Roti Vs Naan

Indian Food is an extensive meal; there are so many dishes that you can try and satisfy your stomach and soul. But you know what the main staple item that would complement the main course like a pro each time is?

Yes, we are talking about naan or tandoori roti that you order with your main food items. But did you know what the primary difference between them is? And when should you order what?

If not, you are at the right place as we could help you differentiate between naan and tandoori roti and help your task of ordering at Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne easier. It’s a win-win situation for us.

When you are dining out with your friends and family at  Bars in Cranbourne, you would want to know what you are ordering and how well it will go with your main dish. After all, nobody wants to have a bad experience while hungry.

Tandoori Roti Vs Naan

Let us begin with the definition of each item.

Tandoori roti is a flatbread made of whole wheat grain with no added yeast in it. It is generally light and easy to make with no stuffing that you could enjoy well with some meat, veggies, or pulses preparation.

Naan is made of leavened flour dough and is generally heavier than roti. It is more often used for special occasions or when dining at a restaurant, as it is a little fancier option that is not easily made at home. Unlike roti, naan could have some delicious stuffing, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options like potato and keema, respectively.

Enjoy your meal more by accompanying it with deliciously and well-prepared side dishes like naan and roti and level up your experience of  Indian Food.

Cooking Method Of Tandoori Roti And Naan


The first step to accomplish the making of roti is to knead a dough made of whole wheat grain, teaspoon salt, and 1 tsp oil. Mix it very well by binding and pressing the flour till it smoothens.

After the dough is ready, make small balls out of it, roll it with a rolling pin, and cook it onto the Tawa(pan).

Serve it with delicious Indian gravy and enjoy your meal.


To attain the restaurant-style naan, you would have to mix water and sugar in a big bowl with the yeast and set it aside for 5 minutes. After the yeast is activated, add flour, yogurt, and salt onto the mix and knead it well. Set it aside until it’s puffed up (Do not forget to cover it with a towel).

Grill the flattened dough into the iron skillet and cook till it is ready on slow heat.

Enjoy your soft and delicious naan with some extravagant Indian curry.

What Is Your Choice?

Enjoy it with your heart and share it with your loved ones no matter what you choose. At Cholas Indian Restaurant, you can dine in and appreciate the delicious Indian cuisine made by love and traditional recipes, which would hit your spot well.

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