South Indian Savouries on all occasions from our Sattur Mittai Kadai

Indians love snacks and savouries, furthermore every occasion ends up with sweets along with savouries. We at Sattur Mittai Kadai are eminent for our savouries and sweets that lure people with the promise of sweets and snacks to please even the fussiest palate. You can check out our shop for the best Indian savoury snacks to keep an eye out for. 

Kara Sevu

Kara Sevu is a crunchy tea time snack and is a hot-selling item that earned us widespread recognition. The sevu we make at Sattur Mittai Kadai is crispy, crunchy, and spicy. The “ Kara” denotes “heat / spicy” in Tamil. We make use of high-quality ingredients and spices. We have them available in five different variants namely, Karasev, Milagu sevu, Seeni sevu, Karupatti sevu which makes every munch something tasty with its spice and crunchiness.


Murukkus are a highly popular snack in South India, It is typically made from rice flour and urad dal flour. These twisted or tangled snacks make wonders for your taste buds with their flavour and crunch. Sattur Mittai Kadai undisputedly makes the best murukkus in the country. They have a satisfying crunch and mouth-watering flavours which leaves you wonderstruck with every bite. Our different varieties of Murukkus are Andhra Murukku, Achu Murukku, Butter Murukku.



Boondi can also be sweet or savoury. At Sattur Mittai Kadai, our Kara Boondi is tiny spiced balls made from gram flour seasoned with spice and condiments. With the super crunchy fried curry leaves and cashews, Kara Boondi is an absolute pleasure for the savoury version, a mixture of gram flour and rice flour is combined with spices, such as red chile powder and crushed curry leaves, and water to make a thick batter. 



Ompodi is known for its rich aroma of Ajwain. It is thin and light strands flavoured with the right amount of spice and cooked to perfection for that desirable crunch Ompodi comes as a member of the sev family. Ompodi is thin and light strands flavoured with the right amount of spice and cooked to perfection for that desirable crunch.



Have you ever tried our Pakkodas with some hot chai’s? Sattur Mittai Kadai’s smooth crunchy texture of Pakkodas makes a great tea time combo to revive and relish! Our Pakkodas are a fritter made with onions,  The whole thing is deep-fried in oil and served hot, broken into bite-size pieces makes your evening snack an enticement. 


Bombay mixture is a tasty potpourri of various delectable treats consisting of fried lentils, nuts, flaked rice, corn, and more in a delectably rich spice mix. It is also enjoyed as a snack alongside a cup of tea that adores the texture crunch and bites. It can be quite an endeavour to gather all the components to make your own.

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