How to treat sleep apnea for better sleep


Sleep apnea

How to cure sleep apnea may seem difficult. But, it can be cure if you know the proper techniques and use them. Improving one’s lifestyle and behaviour is a significant step forward. 

Weight loss

Losing weight will be a big step forward in the process. Changes give up your smoking habits, alcohol and caffeine, and improve sleep hygiene and ward off other sleep problems. The most important aspect of treating sleep apnea is to strengthen the patient’s weak breathing muscles.

Sleep deprivation makes it easier for the muscles to relax. As well, there are specific vitamins that help strengthen the muscles. 

Vitamin-B is suitable for enhancing breathing muscles. This vitamin B can be obtained by taking supplements. You can also eat food containing B vitamins.


Modafinil, better known to us by the brand name Provigil, is also a central nervous stimulant drug. Modafinil This drug promotes alertness and wakefulness. Provigil is available as the generic Modafinil.

It will generally be cheaper than Nuvigil and more preferred by insurance companies. Modafinil is used in patients with sleep apnea resulting in daytime sleepiness at a dose of 200 or 400 mg per day.

Modafinil available as Modalert and Modvigil both contains the same active ingredients. If the doctor decides that medication is necessary, he will prescribe a Medicine. That can help improve the patient’s breathing.

These prescriptions can be tablets, nasal sprays, or oral pills, which keeps the jaw in place while the breathing muscles are completely relaxed. These pills and devices should only be prescribed by doctors who specialize. 


As an alternative, people suffering from sleep apnea can use a unique pillow. A designed pillow pushes air into the airways while the patient sleeps. This provides the requisite support to keep the airways open during the nighttime. It helps cure sleep apnea by keeping the airway open and preventing it from collapsing.

The designed pillows must only be used by people who suffer from sleep apnea. It is too risky to use them if you have other health problems like allergies. If the airway collapses while you are sleeping, you can use the bitmap device. It keeps your upper jaw up. Keeping the base of the tongue in front of the pharynx prevents the tongue from falling back.

Bimax works at night by keeping the airway open and the head of the tongue close to the throat. This prevents the language from falling backwards and clogging the airway. The Vimax device is designed for people with sleep apnea. It has helped many people get a good night’s sleep.

High blood pressure

If your doctor thinks you might be suffering from high blood pressure. He may recommend you to go for a checkup to rule out sleep apnea as a cause. High blood pressure may be caused by impaired functioning of the kidney or the heart. But, there are many other causes of fatigue during the day.

These include chronic inflammation and airway obstruction. Suppose the doctor diagnoses that you have high blood pressure due to sleep apnea. In that case, he will tell you to go for treatment. That can include lifestyle changes, medications, and even an overnight hospital stay.

You may not have vitamin C in your diet. But it is still possible to increase your intake through rich in vitamin C food. like oranges, peppers and tomatoes. Some foods that are rich in vitamin C are oranges, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Some people believe that taking vitamin C supplements can cure sleep apnea, and this is not true.

What happens is that the production of Vitamin C in your body increases because it is necessary for the action of the coagulation factor.


The above mentioned are expert answers to how to cure sleep apnea through natural remedies. Your family doctor may be the best health care specialist for you because they have a comprehensive understanding of your condition. But, if you feel that your condition is getting worse, you can consult a psychiatrist once you have consulted a psychotherapist professional. So they’ll give you a detailed prescription on the best treatment plan that works for you. 

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