Should You Become a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Design

Some people manage to enter the graphic design business simply because of their talents and abilities, but for most people, having a strong background in the field is a must to find a job.

Of course, one of the main prerequisites you will need to pursue a career in this field is the ability to be creative and get your ideas down on paper. You also need to have a talent for drawing, as this is a skill that is very difficult to learn if you don’t have a natural aptitude for it.

If you really want to have a good chance of landing a job as a graphic designer, you will need to enroll in a program at an accredited institution so that you can add these credentials to your resume. You can find graphic design programs at four-year colleges and local community colleges. The choice you make probably won’t have much of an impact on how successful you are in your chosen career. Just be sure to choose a program that has a solid reputation.

If you start at a community college, you will graduate with a certificate in graphic design. Having a certificate probably won’t get you the highest paying job out there, but it will at least help you gain some valuable work experience. For bigger, higher-paying job opportunities, you may want to consider earning a four-year degree (at least eventually).

An advantage of enrolling in college programs is that you will be able to get job placement assistance as you near the end of your degree program. You even be able to get an internship with a large company while working on your degree. In some cases, internships can lead to permanent placement offers, eliminating the need to even look for a job once you’re done with school.

If you need financial help to attend school, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding many options, regardless of the type of school you choose to attend. As long as the college you choose is fully accredited, both private and government-backed financial aid loans and scholarships should be available.

Once you classes under your belt and feel fairly confident in your graphic design skills, consider seeking freelance work to gain valuable experience. This is a great way to prove yourself to employers and have solid experience to include on your resume. There are several websites that cater to freelancers looking for work, so a quick search online should give you at least a few different job opportunities.

Consistency is key – as long as it’s the same from page to page, most users will adapt and navigate your site with ease.

Indicate a navigation device or hyperlink with:

  • Menu bars along the top or left of the page
  • Buttons or bullets that appear three-dimensional
  • Underlined or colored text
  • A cursor turns into a hand when scrolling

Content: less is more.

This is impossible to read a long copy on the monitor. Users will log out of sites that bombard them with text, images, and ornaments.

Decide on relevant content that allows a detail-oriented user to find what they need without disturbing the surfer. You should:

  • Develop a hierarchy of information so that the covers are not cluttered
  • Avoid scrolling by dividing information into screen size pages
  • Embed friendly PDF printable links (great for dynamic information!)
  • Invite users to email you for more information and contact

Browser: Be considerate of all viewers. What looks great on your computer can be a different experience for prospects and associates. Your browser, operating system, settings and preferences influence how your site will be displayed. Make sure your site works on all platforms with proper design and testing.

With a video game design program offered completely online, students can work any day of the week at a time that is most convenient for them by completing assignments and participating in online discussions. The courses last six weeks and are very study intensive. No more than two courses should be taken at the same time. The Art Institute Online instructors are available for consultation by email or during the course of online discussions. Students taking online courses through The Art Institute Online will receive the best training, as well as a strong and consistent support network.

There are many reasons in the world to turn your passion for video games into a lucrative career as a video game designer. Why just play video games in your spare time when you can design the kinds of games that you wish were available to you right now? Online art institute can help you achieve your goal of becoming a video game designer and ensure that you will always be involved in a business that you love and that is financially rewarding.

Keep iterating


What you also want to do is keep iterating. Don’t just tell them your requirements and sit down. Ask them to prepare a design draft. It will tell you how well or poorly they understand your requirements. At the draft stage, you can suggest changes and improvements to them.

Keep updating your designs with new elements from time to time, to test how it affects your readers. The more information you have on hand, the better you can tell the designer what you want. Design is 90% communication on your part.

You don’t want to wait until the graphic designer has completed the final design of your Tumblr, only to find that it is completely different from what you wanted. The best way to get your graphic designer involved is to hire her long-term. This way, you can keep updating your Twitter page layout to keep up with modern trends and always stay ahead of your competition.

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