Reduce Belly Fat

Reduce Belly Fat

In today’s time, every person wants that his belly is not visible because when we see the belly, we start considering our body as unfit and every person wants to stop this but he sees the growing belly. Can’t stop, today we are going to tell you how to reduce your stomach within 7 days.

Do not exercise in the stomach, eat more sweet food and eat such food in which more fat is present, due to this the problem of enlargement of our stomach arises. We should eat good food at the right time and exercise regularly so that it does not help read our belly fat.

Home remedies to reduce Belly Fat

Very few people know that cinnamaldehyde is found inside cinnamon, which helps us to control the amount of blood. When we consume cinnamon daily, it helps reduce the level of sugar present inside our bodies. it occurs. Mota hone ka Tarika Due to which when the amount of sugar inside our body is there, then the weight of our stomach is also reduced and it is also helpful in reducing our belly fat.

Most people ask that how can we remove belly and waist fat within 7 days and what are the home remedies for that. So the easiest way to reduce and reduce belly fat is green tea present at home. It is said that catechins are found in green tea. In addition, caffeine is also found in green tea, due to which helps in reducing belly fat. Also, it is the best home remedy to reduce belly fat.

To reduce waist fat, exercise along with dietary changes is very important. Waist obesity cannot be reduced without exercise because it is the fat stored in a particular part of the body, for which some special type of exercise and yoga is necessary to reduce that obesity. By doing this yoga asana daily, the fat of the waist starts decreasing gradually. Ajwain water has proved to be very beneficial in reducing waist fat. Boil a small spoon of carom seeds in a glass of water, filter it and drink it every day before sleeping.

Consume papaya to reduce belly and waist fat. By eating papaya daily, the fat stored in the body will start reducing in a few days.
Before sleeping at night, soak a teaspoon of Triphala powder in lukewarm water and filter this water in the morning and mix honey in it and consume it for a few days. By doing this regularly, obesity is reduced in a month. weight loss tips in Hindi Diabetic patients can consume Triphala water without adding honey.

Stomach reduction remedies

1 Eat a little

If you believe in eating more food in one go, and you have a habit of it, then change this habit. Divide your diet into 2 or 3 portions, and eat small portions every two or three hours. This will keep your stomach full, the energy level will also be maintained and belly fat will also be reduced.

2. Hot water

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning will be very beneficial for reducing stomach. This will gradually reduce the fat stored in the stomach. Apart from this, if you drink hot water by adding lemon and honey, then it will prove to be even more beneficial. Not only this but drinking it daily will also make you feel refreshed and energetic.

3 Morning Walk

Walking, jogging, or doing abdominal exercises in the morning is a great option to reduce belly fat. This will gradually reduce fat and your digestive system will also improve. Also, the energy level in the body will be maintained throughout the day.

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4 Boating

Yoga reduces your body as well as mental problems. Naukasana is the best option of yoga to reduce the enlarged stomach. The way belly fat will be reduced by this, you will be able to see and feel this change yourself.

5. Don’t eat late at night

Eating late at night is also a major reason for increasing belly fat. Always have dinner 2 hours before sleeping. Apart from this, if you want, eat something light for dinner only. If you take some time out for a walk after eating, then it will be pleasant to sleep.

According to Ayurveda

  • Avoid eating sugary and packaged foods.
  • Do not eat starchy foods like rice, noodles, pasta, maida bread.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and cigarettes should be avoided.
  • Do not eat fried things.

The stressed person goes on getting surrounded by many diseases one after the other. Among them, the increase in body fat is also one of them. When we are under stress, the level of cortisol in the blood increases. Cortisol increases the level of fat in the body, which causes fat cells to get bigger. Usually, in this condition, the fat grows around the abdomen. Therefore, it is important to reduce stress by doing exercise, meditation.

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