Article on Importance of Sports | Paragraph on Importance of Sports

Paragraph on Importance of Sports

Article on Importance of Sports | Paragraph on Importance of Sports


Sports are an essential part of education. The aim of good education is the physical, mental and moral development of the students. A strong mind can live only in a healthy body. If a person is weak in body then his mind cannot be sharp.

How can the mind remain healthy in a sick body? Sports are as important in education as books for studies. Books develop the mind and soul, while sports make the body sound and strong.

Importance of Sports:

Sports develop essential qualities like leadership, eye-keeping, working together for common goals, sportsmanship, courage, tolerance in the students. Along with this, good exercise of the body also gets done. Only the children of Racharath body, endowed with the above qualities, can later become worthy citizens of the country.

For the defense of the country, such powerful youth are needed to cry. A developing country like India cannot afford a huge regular army. Our students are expected to make their body strong, so that they can contribute to the defense of the country by joining the soldiers shoulder to shoulder during the war when required.

Health is the real wealth:

There is an old saying ‘Health is wealth’, which is equally true today. Through various types of sports, students can build their health and body. They get good exercise in clean air and an open environment.

While studying or working all day, a person becomes depressed. Through games, this sadness and sadness is easily removed and the mind becomes cheerful. India does not need such bookworms whose cheeks are puffy and eyes are sunken.

Good students are expected to pay proper attention to everything. He should concentrate on studies. But sports and other activities should not be neglected. He should follow the proverb that “Work while work and play during play”. This is the way to happiness and happiness.” if you want to know more about this you can read this blog also Best Affordable and Cheapest Cars

What do we learn from games? Paragraph on Importance of Sports 

In sports we learn discipline and the right spirit of the game. A true player is not affected by defeat and victory. He plays games. It is through play that we learn to walk the path of life, regardless of joy and sorrow.

Through sports, we come to face failure with laughter and success does not flower. It is only through sports that we learn the right art of life, because we know very well that in the struggle of life, only those who are patient and persistent can be victorious.

Sports build our character. This develops the qualities of leadership in us. The player wins the hearts of the captain members of the team with his love, goodwill and sincerity. Players also get into the habit of obeying their captain.

In this way, the best citizens are prepared through sports. Apart from this, students get rid of monotonous studies through them and they are encouraged. The best use of free time is and can be done by sports.

They encourage mischief and indiscipline if the surplus energy of youth is not used properly in sports. An empty mind is the devil’s workshop. This is a very useful tool to keep the students busy in their free time after studies.

Type of play

There are many types of sports, which are mainly divided into two categories, indoor and outdoor. Indoor games like playing cards, ludo, keram snakes, etc. are helpful in intellectual development along with entertainment, while outdoor games like cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis, volleyball etc. are beneficial in keeping the body healthy. 

The only difference between these two classes is that a large field is required for outdoor games, this game is helpful in maintaining our body’s fitness and health, whereas indoor games do not require such a large ground, this house is located in the courtyard. can also be played.

 In these games, people of all generations, whether children, youth and whether it is the middle generation, all have their own interest. Outdoor sports are beneficial in our physical development, on the other hand, keep the body healthy, shapely and active, while indoor games sharpen our brain level. At the same time, it is considered the best source of entertainment. if you’re intrested in hindi blogging than you can read this blog also Anuswar Anunasik Shabd

Base of success life

Since ancient times, sports have been considered as the basis of living life, due to which our body develops, as well as it also makes our life successful. In India, the government honors sportspersons of repute with many awards, awards like Arjuna and Dronacharya fall in this category. Women have also brought laurels in this direction, women players like PT Usha, Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal and Sania Mirza have achieved success in various categories of sports. Out of which PT Usha in running, Mary Kom in boxing, Saina Nehwal in Badminton and Sania Mirza in tennis have made the country proud. Khelo is also said to be a symbol of Indian culture and unity, in this no caste language and religion is opposed, but any person of any religion can play it. Thus sport is helpful in making a successful life by ensuring the progress of our path.

Epilogue: Paragraph on Importance of Sports 

Most of the schools in big cities do not have adequate sports facilities. The officials should pay more attention to sports and arrange more money. Provision should be made to compulsorily participate in sports for every student of every school. Education remains incomplete without sports. Sports should also be given due importance in schools to make the student a better citizen.

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