An Ode To Chikankari

Ode To Chikankari

Chikankari is a standard and cherished structure of embroidery throughout India. Chikankari is not just lovely to look at, additionally, it’s lightweight and relaxed to wear.

The foundation of Chikankari dates back to greater than 15 centuries. All of us love sporting Chikan attire and Suit-Sets, however, how many of us comprehend this magical crafts origin.

Here are some fascinating statistics about Chikankari that you have been probably unaware of.

1) Origination of the Word ‘Chikankari’

The phrase ‘Chikan’ is assumed to have originated from a Persian phrase ‘Chikeen’ which interprets as ‘creating a refined pattern.

Some additionally declare that Chikankari is derived from the phrase ‘Chikan’ which interprets as ‘fine’ in a regional language from East Bengal.

The first-ever diagnosed reference to Chikankari was once via Meghasthenes, a Greek explorer around the 4th Century who described Chikankari as ‘floral work’.

2) Ever questioned how Chikankari made it to India?

There are distinct variations of how Chikankari grew to be a section of our wealthy subculture and heritage. However, to date, the most famous trust is that Nur Jahan had an important position to play in the existence of this craft in our country.

Nur Jahan was once Emperor Jehangir’s Persian wife. It is believed that several Persian Chikankari artisans traveled from Persia to India for a higher life.

Nur Jahan mostly contributed to promote and help this splendid craft in India added in via the Persians, and considering then this craft continues to thrive.

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3) Ever heard about a well-known Folk-fare around Chikankari?

According to a folk fare, a thirsty traveler was crossing a small village someplace in North India. To quench his thirst he stopped in front of a residence that belonged to a peasant.

The vacationer regarded mighty impressed with the peasant after he came about to provide him water and food. To reward the peasant’s hospitality, the vacationer taught him the craft of Chikankari.

4) Making of Chikankari

Chikankari shows a variety of floral and paisley embroidery on fabrics. However, creepers proceed to be the most frequently used sketch in this craft. Chikankari was once referred to as a white-on-white craft as it was embroidery with a white thread on white cotton or muslin fabric.

Today we can spot Chikankari on Chiffons, Organza, and Georgettes. The making of Chikankari is a laborious process. It includes quite a few steps from slicing the fabric, engraving block of woods, the usage of blocks to imprint the favored designs, washing it, and drying it after the embroidery process.

Centuries ago, Chikankari supposed a way of adorning portions of clothing, however, these days we can say it exists all around us from cushion covers, mattress covers to desk linen.

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