What Is Malware? Definition, AMP & Examples

What is Malware

Many of us have a variety of questions in our mind such as is the CTF loader malware? What are malware and its definition? And so. Most people consider the CTF as malware and they get worried when it runs in the background.

Today I will tell you in detail the information related to malware, its definition, and examples. If you get tensed due to malware, continue reading this article because it will give you a basic idea about malware. So, move toward learning and understand what is malware? And also its definition with examples in detail. 

What Is Malware? 

 Malware is a computer program that can prove to be dangerous for your computer. In the language of hackers, the term malware is used for viruses, spyware, and worms, etc.

All three are forms of the virus. Do you know? Malware can access your personal files and transfer them to any other device.

While learning malware, the question that may be coming to your mind is what is IDP. Generic? Because it is designed to protect our computer from the malware that might steal your personal information and data. 

Definition Of Malware 

The malware is defined as the short for malicious software, is a blanket term for viruses, worms, trojans, and other harmful computer programs hackers use to wreak destruction and gain access to sensitive information. 

Examples Of Malware 

There are various common examples of malware that are according to the types of malware such as 

  • Ransomware Example 

Robinhood, which halted all city activities, including tax collection, property transfer, and government email for weeks. 

  • Fileless Malware Example 

Astaroth is a files malware campaign that spammed users with links to a.LNK shortcut file. 

  • Spyware Example 

DarkHotel, which focuses on the government leaders & businesses using the hotel WIFI. And also use several types of malware to gain access to the systems belonging to specific powerful people. 

  • Adware Example 

An example of Adware malware is Fireball and caused the infection to 250 million computers and devices in 2017. 

  • Trojan Example 

Emotet is an example of Trojan malware and is a sophisticated banking trojan that has been around since 2014. 

  • Worms Example 

 The US and Israeli intelligence forces with the intent of setting back Iran’s nuclear program developed the Stuxnet

  • Virus Example 

A virus can not execute or reproduce unless the application it has infected is running. 

  • Rootkits Example 

Zancinlo infects systems when users download fake VPN Applications. 

  • Keylogger Example 

A keylogger called Olympic Vision has been used to target Us, Middle Eastern, and Asian businessmen for BEC attacks. 

  • Mobile Malware Example 

  When millions of Android devices shipped with the malware pre-installed, then Triada is a rooting Trojan that was injected into the supply chain. 

  • Botnets Example 

Each bot is a variant of the well-known Mirai and it attacks a wide range of IoT devices, exploiting over 50 different vulnerabilities, but it also includes exploits for Oracle WebLogic Server and VMWare’s SD-Wan networking software. 

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Above we have taken a brief look at malware and its examples along with its definition. Malware is a software program that can prove to be harmful and has originated since the early 1970s when the Creeper virus first appeared.

Now, after reading this article, your doubts related to malware must get cleared and you understand the actual definition of malware here and what is malware?

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