List of 10 Classic Party Dress Styles

Classic Party Dress Styles

As women, we often find ourselves stuck in a situation, contemplating what to wear & what not to. “I have nothing to wear” is perhaps the most overused sentence in a woman’s vocabulary. And having said that, the pandemic situation has been getting better with time. The people all over the globe are yet again hopeful towards going back to normalcy. It has been quite a while since we have had the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone. Lounging in the most comfortable PJs while working from home or virtual get-togethers has become the new normal. 

So having to think about stepping out again in the near future with the sense of trend & styles can be stressful. But, don’t worry! We are here for you with the perfect list of party dresses that never really run out of style. These are the curated classics that haven’t been just a fad over time. Starting from the classic sequin dresses right up to the elegant lace corsets dresses. We have them all listed out for you. 

Bodycon Dresses

Let’s start our first number with the classic bodycon fits. At this point, we don’t even need to justify any further to tell you why. They have been a go-to party picks for the longest of time. And why shouldn’t they be? These gorgeous fits come in endless styles and colors. From ribbed to ruched, from a button-down to lace up. The possibilities are eternal. Picking out a classic bodycon fit dress should be your go-to since it’s the perfect balance of sexy yet elegant.

Classic Party Dress Styles

                                                                               Picture Courtesy – Femme Luxe

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are one of the most comfortable & elegant styles of dresses. As the name suggests, one can just slip them over a tee or just wear them all by themselves. It never fails to impress! Slip dresses come in various fabrics but commonly come in satin, velvet, or lace fabric. These simple free-flowing fits can be paired with an under-bust corset or a leather jacket & still look effortlessly minimal. 

Classic Party Dress Styles

                                                                        Picture courtesy – Sororite Vintage

Wrap Dresses

This style of dress is probably the best kind of party dress. Do you know why? That’s because these beauties aren’t just extremely comfortable but look flattering on every body type. They come in varieties of fabrics and prints, be they floral, stripes, or embroidered. 

Classic Party Dress Styles

                                          Picture courtesy – Neoba                                                 

Satin Dresses 

Satin dresses are a shoutout to all the nightlife shenanigans. This style of the party dress is a classic that never goes out of style. They always make a comeback and it’s safe to say that they are here to stay. It comes with numerous different style elements and fits. They are the perfect pick for any party occasion you have upcoming since they look flattering almost on anyone. The rich satin fabric is just perfect for any champagne popping night. 

Classic Party Dress Styles

                                                                                   Picture courtesy – Windsor

Sequin Dresses

It goes without a saying, there’s nothing that speaks ‘party dress’ louder than the one adorned with sequins. No matter what color or fit, they are the best of a kind. If you wish to sparkle all through the night at this big party occasion. Then sequin dresses need to be your go too. In today’s world, dresses with sequins can be compared to the royal age crown with gems. They make you look nothing less than the queen that you are. 

Classic Party Dress Styles

                                                                                   Picture courtesy – IndiaMART


Backless Dresses 

This is the kind of style that speaks the bilingual language of elegance & hotness. As sophisticated as they are constructed on the front bodice, they are a major tease on the backside. These are other kinds of classic party dresses that never run out of style. Over time, they have only gotten more and more prominent and we sure love that. From red carpet runways up to the happening club down the block, we are sure you’ve seen them everywhere. 

Classic Party Dress Styles Picture courtesy – Shein

Maxi Dresses 

When we speak about maxi dresses, we mean the kind that is over the top red-carpet-worthy. Yes, you’re right! We’re talking about the evening gowns. They come in lace, embroidery, fringe, etc. Making it impossible for us to rank this one out of the list of classics. Every girl has dreamt of owning her own princess-like evening maxi dress. Few love them big like the ballroom gowns, few like them sleek and fitted. The possibilities are quite endless. If the party you’re about to attend is a classy affair, then these are the absolute best to pick. No matter what your sense of style speaks, evening maxi gowns have all-party checklists ticked. 

Classic Party Dress Styles

                                                                                    Picture courtesy – Azazie

Halter neck dresses

This kind of party dress is one of a kind and will never fade out of the fashion charts. They accent your shoulders and are perfect on any body type. They come in knitting, velvet, satin, and many such different fabrics. It’s the perfect kind of sophisticated pick for any kind of elegant party night. Pairing a thigh-high boot with a halter neck dress would be a perfect go-to. If you are someone who loves the classics then halter necks are just about perfect.

Classic Party Dress Styles  

                                                                                            Picture courtesy – Ajio

Corset Dresses

Corsets have been a trendsetter ever since the earliest of time. It consists of the gracious balance of vintage chic elements. Over time, they have also become more comfortable and less harmful to wear. In the olden times, the boning for the corset dress used to be made out of metal. But lately, with better technology, the metal boning has been replaced by fiber ones. This makes the corset dress much more comfortable than it used to be. If you are someone who loves a good body sinching dress. Then corset dresses are the classic kind of party dresses you need to be looking for.  

Classic Party Dress Styles Picture courtesy – MedPharmRes

Little Black Dress

How can one talk about the classics and not mention the little black dress? Even the legendary icons like Audrey Hepburn, couldn’t keep themselves from sporting this piece. They don’t really need an introduction because we’re sure every woman out there has a black dress in her closet. So, if you are someone who is hesitant to experiment for your first-party outing post covid then this is your cue. Go grab that tiny black dress out of the racks, it’s time to rule your classic party moment!

Classic Party Dress Styles

                                                                               Picture courtesy – Ahabatcr


These are our favorite top ten picks for the classic party dress styles that never run out of style. One can never go wrong with their style game as long as they stick to this list. It doesn’t matter what color, style, or fit you prefer. We have them all listed out for you and hope that it was helpful to you. As content as we all seem with things getting better over time, do not forget to take your sanitary measures. Grab your perfect kind sequin mask to suit your outfit and you are good to go. Do let us know if you love our suggestions!

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