Inspirational Female Leaders In The Hospitality Industry

Inspirational Female Leaders In The Hospitality Industry

What can be done in the United Kingdom to ensure that inspirational female leaders do not receive a pass when it comes to their opportunity to show what the world knows about them?

It’s a question that I ask myself often and I think it is worthy of some reflective analysis. After all, at this time in the world, our young women need to stand up and be counted.

In some respects, we are a very young country still; as we have a first woman prime minister and numerous other outstanding female premiership holders.

The United Kingdom has always been ahead of the international community when it comes to gender equality.

However, recent reports have shown that we lag behind many other countries when it comes to promoting equal opportunities for men and women.

The United Kingdom’s record on gender equality and women’s role in public life is quite poor. Many feel that this is in part due to political correctness which is prevalent in our society.

Some people believe that our government does not want to acknowledge that there are some gaps in the structure of our institutions and that is why the random facts about inspirational female leaders need to be highlighted.

Jacinda Ardern of Spain became the first female foreign affairs minister of a major Western country in June 2021.

Jacinda Ardern

Since her appointment, she has made improving the lives of women and combating gender discrimination a top priority.

uring her five-year term as foreign affairs minister Spain has traveled to Africa, delivering a speech on the issue of AIDS and women’s empowerment to the African leaders. Recently Jacinda was named the United Nations’ Global Gender Equality Champion.

I asked a female member of the committee which inspirational female leaders should feature on a list of world leaders that tackle gender equality and asked whether she thought Jacinda’s government had done a good job in dealing with the challenges faced by the Spanish state.

The answer was a resounding yes. She went onto say that it was important to remember that Spain has a tradition of female leadership and that even though some of the issues faced by women in the labor force were not as huge as those faced by men, female participation in the workforce still runs a large majority of the population.

Women run businesses, hold down jobs and run in families and that is something that needs to be tackled head-on. Jacinda has certainly taken this on board.

The next inspirational female leader that comes to mind is Reeta Segal.

The former President of the United States has gone on to become a highly successful businesswoman with her own publishing company and running Reebok as well as being a motivational speaker.

She is highly regarded not just for her business success but also for her ability to raise the profile of women and empower them in the business arena. This is one woman’s view on what inspirational female leaders should achieve.

Another inspiring woman of course that has made waves in the world of international leadership is Mary Wareham.

The former Vice President of the United States has gone on to found and develop her non-profit organization called “The Leadership Council on Social Media”. The Global Challenges Foundation is another organization she has been involved with and as has been mentioned above, she has raised the profile of women in the business world.

Not only does she talk about the need for social media and other forms of online networking, but she also emphasizes the need for women to embrace technology and get involved in using it to help change the negative impact of climate change and environmental issues.

Inspiring Women Leader was Honored with a Knighthood. Kate Winslet.

who played the lead role in the movie, The Reader, was made a knight for her contribution to the film, The Princess and the Frog. While it may have seemed that nothing much happened in the film, it did go a long way in setting the standards that other female actors and actresses are now following.

She has gone on to star in several successful movies including the Harry Potter franchise as well as bringing some Hollywood recognition to herself by hosting a popular daytime TV show in the UK.

Her acceptance of the knighthood means that the UK has once again proved itself to be a progressive country where women can lead and thrive.

As a whole, there is no shortage of inspirational females in the management positions in the hospitality industry, and the future looks bright for females in any industry. It has been proven that females are outperforming males in nearly every industry and this is also the case in the hotel industry.

It shows that there are no short-term barriers when it comes to climbing up the ladders of success and becoming a true leader. By following your passion, breaking through barriers, and growing the industry you will be able to take on any challenge and succeed – and these are just a few examples.

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