In-Depth Guide On How Does A Hair Transplant Work?

Beverly Hills Hair Transplant

For many people facing hair loss, a Beverly Hills hair transplant procedure offers the best technique for restoring lost hair. Hair transplant is the best and most reliable method among all hair loss techniques. The reason is that it only requires a single procedure to eliminate hair loss. You can use it to restore bald patches on the scalp or cover huge balding areas on the scalp. 

So, what is a hair transplant procedure, and how does it work in treating hair loss? If you want to learn everything about hair loss and how it works, keep reading this article. 

Dr. John Kahen runs the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic and has years of hair restoration experience. All patients who seek his hair restoration services can attest to his brilliance as a hair restoration specialist. Besides Beverly Hills hair transplant surgery, Dr. Kahen is fluent in other hair restoration procedures and treatments. These procedures include PRP for hair loss therapy, scalp micropigmentation, and medication. 

What is a hair transplant procedure?

A Beverly Hills hair transplant is a hair restoration technique that works by harvesting follicular units from the scalp donor area – the back or sides of the head – and taking them to the recipient. The recipient area is the balding area that requires treatment. It is an excellent procedure to treat hair loss brought about by either hormonal or generic issues. It also works effectively to treat hair loss that comes from physical trauma or a skin condition. 

Getting a Beverly Hills hair transplant procedure from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic does not only help to grow your hair back and restore youthfulness, confidence, and self-esteem. This is a delicate cosmetic procedure that should only be done by a well-trained surgeon. This will help you to achieve the results that you are looking for. Since it involves minor surgery, the surgeon will administer local anesthesia to help get rid of discomfort and pain during the procedure. 

The Beverly Hills hair transplant procedure may be done either by the FUT or the FUE hair transplant procedure. These two work quite well in treating hair loss in both men and women. Dr. John Kahen will use one of these procedures based on the patient’s hair restoration goals and the extent of the hair loss. Let’s explain these two hair restoration techniques to know what they have to offer. 

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. Given its delicate nature, it works effectively when performed by a qualified hair restoration surgeon. Before the surgery begins, local anesthesia is administered to the patient first to reduce pain. It is a less invasive hair transplant procedure because the surgeon will use a micro-punch tool to extract individual hair follicles. Once the surgeon finishes the extraction process, the harvested graft hair is put in a controlled environment. This gives the doctor time to prepare the recipient area before transplantation happens. However, the FUE Beverly Hills hair transplant takes time or produces a more natural-looking result. It is time-consuming because the surgeon seeks to remove hair follicles individually. The procedure will take 4 to 8 hours because the surgeon needs to be extra careful not to damage the hair follicles while harvesting.  

FUT Hair Transplant Technique 

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation. It takes a shorter time to perform the FUT technique of Beverly Hills hair transplant because the doctor only needs to cut out a strip of skin from a healthy donor area. It involves cutting off the scalp strip to harvest follicular units of 1 to 4 graft hair stands. The skin is dissected into follicular units and transferred to the recipient area. In both techniques, the surgeon must avoid damaging the harvested hair follicles. 

The FUT hair transplant procedure takes about two to six hours to perform. Although it produces a linear scar, it will disappear once hair starts growing in the donor area of the scalp. Dr. John Kahan uses his artistry skills and medical expertise to reduce the size of the linear scar. You will get the best hair transplant experience by seeking hair loss treatment from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. 

Hair Transplant Results 

Once you have undergone the hair transplant procedure, you must be patient to achieve the best results. You need to understand that results don’t just happen overnight. After a Beverly Hills hair transplant procedure will take about 12 months to experience complete results. After the treatment, the transplanted graft hair will fall out. This is quite normal to allow new hair to form and grow. After the procedure, the doctor will give you antibiotics to prevent infections and pain relievers from getting rid of discomfort and pain. 


There are various hair restoration procedures that allow patients to regrow back their hair. However, the Beverly Hills hair transplant technique offers all other hair restoration procedures the best results. Besides that, you will only need to undergo a hair transplant once or twice to achieve the best desirable results. The hair transplant technique may be combined with PRP for hair therapy to produce results faster. Platelet-rich plasma rejuvenates hair follicles to make them strong and healthy. 

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