Ideas for Celebrating Your Birthday in a New Year

Marking the day you came into this world is a special day that needs to be celebrated in style no matter how many years you are turning. Some of the best birthdays are milestones, such as the 30th birthday celebration. Although finding a great way to celebrate your birthday may look easy, it isn’t. Many people try to find exciting ways to mark their birthdays only to come up with boring ideas. While many would want to have a lavish birthday, some just want the day to end because it reminds them of how fast they are getting old, especially if they celebrate a milestone birthday. If you are about to turn 30, here are some of the best 30th birthday ideas you can consider for your birthday celebration to make it grand and awesome. 

No matter who is celebrating a birthday, it is always good to surprise them with gifts to show your happiness and joy that they play a great role in your life. With these fun 30th birthday ideas, there comes a window of opportunity to express your feelings to your loved one. Whether the birthday boy or girl is your brother, sister, mother, father, wife, or husband, you can always find the best bunch of flowers at to surprise them with. Cosmea Gardens is the only gift and flower delivery service in Cyprus, Greece, that offers a wide range of beautiful flowers for all sorts of occasions you are planning to have, including a birthday celebration. 

That said, let us now look at some of the fun 30th birthday ideas you can use to surprise someone very close to you. You can also apply some of these ideas on your birthday.

Visit an old age home.

If you are celebrating your 30th birthday, it means that you have already seen the better days of your years. Why don’t you try to make your birthday special and fulfilling by doing something noble? The great idea is to decide to visit senior citizens at their homes. Most old people are often neglected by society, and no one wants to be around them, even their family members. You know that you are also going down that road because it is an inevitable journey in life. You don’t have to have lots of money to make this happen. Just order some flowers and take them to the home to surprise the old folks. This is one of the fun 30th birthday ideas to involve your close friends who will airport you in your quest. Cosmea Gardens has a variety of flowers that will make beautiful gifts for senior citizens. 

Have a birthday celebration at the beach 

If you are about to turn 30 years and feel like you just want to have a quiet evening, spending your birthday at the seaside or the beach is among the fun 30th birthday ideas you can try. A simple birthday always works magic. Get away from the busy town of city life and relax as you walk around and see the sun setting, which displays great scenery. As you walk around, reflect on the things you have accomplished and those you are planning to accomplish. You can take some of your close friends and have a simple celebration as the night passes by. 

Travel on a road trip with your close friends 

Thirty is a golden and unique year to turn. If you have saved some money and feel like going for a road trip across the country, then traveling on the bus is one of the fun 30th birthday ideas you can think of. As the year comes to an end, it is time to bid goodbye to the ending year and welcome the new year by opening another chapter of your life in style. You can also organize such a road trip for someone who means the world to you. Don’t forget to send lovely birthday flowers from to show them how much you care for them. 

Book a dance lounge bar

What is a New Year’s birthday celebration without parting till midnight with friends and loved ones? If you are a party freak, then booking a dance lounge bar is a great 30th birthday idea to two. You deserve a night of celebration because you want to forget the hardship you faced this year and embrace the coming year with optimism. Turning thirty only happens once in your lifetime; therefore, make it count. If you have a couple of friends and you can’t afford to hire a dancing lounge bar, you can try bar hopping as you dance the night away. 


If you are about to have your birthday as you cross to the New Year, you may plan to have a simple birthday celebration, or you can have a grand one depending on how resourceful you are. These are some of the fun 30th birthday ideas you can consider to mark your 30th birthday. If you surprise someone special, don’t forget to send flowers. 

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