How To Use A Glucometer?

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Diabetes is a raging issue, and it is advised that you keep a regular check on its levels to control it. The simplest way to do that is by using the best glucometer in India. Glucometers are portable electronic devices that are used to measure blood sugar levels at home.

Glucometers help you detect your blood sugar levels whether it is high, low or normal. These portable electronic devices provide instant results and feedback. And help you take steps accordingly.

A Little About Glucometers

Glucometers are sophisticated portable electronic devices that are used to measure blood sugar levels at home. They only require a drop of your blood to measure the blood sugar levels and give the results instantly. It is portable, requires very little space, and can be carried anywhere. If you are always on the go, this device will prove to be very helpful for you.

Who Uses A Glucometer?

Like any other disease, diabetes has many “types”; if you or anyone in your family has type 1, type 2 diabetes, you might need a glucometer as these types require regular testing. People diagnosed with LADA or latent autoimmune diabetes in adults or mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy require regular checking in particular.

Frequent Checking Of Diabetes Levels Helps With The Following

  • You get the idea if your blood sugar level is high, low, or normal
  • By studying the regular patterns, you understand the pattern and can detect early if there is going to be a spike or crash in the sugar levels
  • Study how the sugar level remains after exercise or in times of stress
  • It helps monitor the effect diabetes medicines have on your sugar levels
  • Assess your overall diabetes levels and see how you are responding to different treatments and medicines
  • Proves to be very helpful for doctors who treat you
  • Your body reacts differently if you have diabetes. Certain treatments for other illnesses can be difficult; with a regular report of your blood sugar levels, it becomes easy for doctors to prescribe medicines for you

Glucometer Usage

Most glucometers come with a user manual, and they are extremely user-friendly. But still, first-time users need a little help to figure out the process. Remember, the best glucometer in India is designed to help users easily check their sugar levels, but you might find it a little tricky the first time. Keeping the new users in mind, we have a guide for you that will help you get it right the very first time:

  • Equipment That Comes With The Kit

  • Test strip
  • Lancet
  • Glucometer
  • Alcohol swab
  • Sanitizer to sanitize the equipment after use
  • A notebook to record the results every day
  1. Instructions To Use Glucometer 

  • Keep your lancet, test strip, glucometer ready. Also, keep a notebook handy to note the results. Make sure all the pieces of equipment are sanitized and clean
  • Make sure you have already washed your hands, or you can use disposable gloves to prevent infection
  • Sometimes rubbing the palms against each other can help in warming up the blood. You can also dip your palms in hot water to warm them up. This improves the blood flow and makes it easier for you to collect the blood sample for testing
  • Now turn on the glucometer and wait for the indicator to blink. Once it blinks, you place the test strip in the glucometer
  • Prep the area you selected with an alcohol pad and make sure your hands are dry
  • Now pierce your fingernail with the lancet, avoid the pads of your fingers. The type of test strip determines the type of blood you require; for example, some require hanging blood and some small drops of blood
  • Then you place the drop on the strip and place it for testing
  • The glucometer delivers quick results
  • When you get your result, you must keep calm and not worry or panic and do as your doctor has prescribed
  • You must note down your results daily. It helps your doctor to plan a better treatment program for you

Few Tips For First Time Tester

Like we mentioned before, first-time users might find the process a little daunting. But with the help of a few simple tips, you will get used to it easily. Few suggestions are as follows:

  • Let’s begin by saying that the testing procedure varies slightly for each device, but the overall procedure is more or less the same
  • If you find the process painful, consider changing the lancet. Lancets come in various sizes. And the thickness of the Lancets depends upon the quantity of Lancets available
  • You can set up your lancing device by adjusting the number of your lancet. By doing this, you can depict how far the lancet penetrates your skin
  • Only use the type of test strips that are design for your glucometer


Blood sugar is a common problem most of us suffer from, and by using the best glucometer in India, you can keep it at bay.



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