How to Inspect an Apartment Before Buying?

It is better for the buyer to come to show the apartment in the daytime and prepared, advises Canninghill Piers developers.

How to prepare for the examination?

If you are interested in a particular apartment, then you should take a closer look at its location. See what objects are located in the vicinity, if there are any negative factors that cannot be changed. These can be multi-lane highways, hazardous or noisy industries, shopping centres with round-the-clock operation. If the floor is low, it is worth asking if there is a subway line under the house. Large sports facilities and restaurants can also prevent you from living in peace. If you are willing to buy deluxe condominiums in Singapore then Canninghill Piers is the perfect choice. The strategic location of these apartments makes them super lavish for wealthy Singaporeans. The residential complex is located in close vicinity of reputed schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, parks, recreational areas and multi-cuisine restaurants. Book your appointment for an in-depth review of Canninghill Piers and get an idea about the services provided by top developers of Singapore.

What time to choose?

Inspection of apartments is carried out both in the presence of real estate owners and without them. If the preview is show-flat style, then it is worth assigning it to daylight hours. So, you can see the movement of the sun in the windows, understand whether it is a light apartment or a dark one. In addition, in the light of all the flaws at a glance. It is better if the viewing is individual, without haste and subjective assessments of potential competitors. If the vendor is not in a hurry, he or she will usually not rush the buyer. If the show is held without the presence of the owner, the realtor does not set a time restriction for the property inspection. Of course, this does not imply that a positive attitude should be misused. There are purchasers who are absolutely uncourteous in their attempts to persuade the owner that his flat is awful by pointing out a slew of flaws. This is generally done with the intention of drastically lowering the price, but it seldom works out. While reasonable negotiating is acceptable.

Do I have to pay for the inspection?

If in a conversation about money comes up in preparation for the show, you can safely hang up and consider another object. Nobody needs to pay any money for viewing, this is unambiguous. During the examination, unforeseen circumstances may occur, for example, someone will be late or you will find yourself in a traffic jam – anything can happen, all people. But there are those who are trying to make money out of deception – such rogue owners need to be recognized, although this is not always easy. You can go for review of Canninghill Piers and finalize the deal for your dream home.

How to inspect an apartment?

Usually, sellers do not rush the buyer if they themselves are not in a hurry. If the show takes place without the owner, then the realtor does not limit the time of inspection of the property. This, of course, does not mean that good attitude should be abused. There are completely unceremonious buyers trying to prove to the owner that his apartment is bad, pointing out a large number of shortcomings. This is usually done with an aim to significantly reduce the price, but, as a rule, it does not end well. Although reasonable bargaining is appropriate. When examining, note the following things:
  • condition of the adjacent territory and entrance,
  • the presence of an elevator,
  • possible redevelopment (it must be legalized),
  • condition of walls and ceilings, floors, windows and doors,
  • heating and ventilation systems,
  • plumbing,
  • gas pipes,
  • noise level,
  • neighbours.

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