How To Fix “Outlook Running Slow” Issue On Windows

How To Fix “Outlook Running Slow” Issue On Windows

Email is an important part of our everyday lives, doesn’t matter if it’s individuals or perhaps in business, IT directors, or managers. If an email doesn’t work or it works terribly slow, this may be a troublesome task and as a result, it stops communication, thus their job is to restore and run it.

The outlook is presently the everyday standard mail client in the business world, which typically works very well, however, all this doesn’t go without problems in its work.

Among the bunch of issues that users have is that the slow operation of Outlook in Windows 10, which is extremely frustrating.

When performance problems occur in Outlook, they are often caused by a broken .pst file, a broken add-in, a broken profile, and even outdated drivers. Which can be solved by Free Driver Updater Software. 

However, Outlook’s slow work on Windows 10 shouldn’t be a huge problem for you. We have used a number of the solutions described below, use it and begin normal communication for your business or remote work.

Sometimes a crash happens, and Outlook loads slowly and eventually doesn’t start or suddenly stops operating.

There are, of course, reasons for this, that we are going to analyze below and study to eliminate.

Open Outlook in Safe Mode-

When you try to enter the program, however, you see a window with the message Cannot begin the Microsoft Office Outlook application, in that case, the closing method might have occurred incorrectly earlier (for example, the PC turned off unexpectedly once the mail client was opened). Attempt the steps to use safe mode: 

  • Press Ctrl + ALT + Delete to open the Task Manager;
  • Click on the inscription Outlook and choose Cancel task; restart the computer
  • Press Windows + R key – a little window will open with an empty line, into which you need to drive the phrase Outlook / safe.
  • All this will be done in order that the program starts in Safe Mode. Now it will be closed, as usual, and reopened in the usual manner. If everything ought to work fine.

Verify PST file-

  • Look for a folder that is larger than 100kb
  • Delete all the unnecessary mails with heavy files
  • Remove mails from PST and save them to disk if needed
  • Delete all other unwanted mails and empty mail trash
  • Relive the PST by archiving emails more than a year old

Disable Add-ins

Microsoft Outlook permits you to integrate third-party services. However, sometimes it might become chaotic. Due to these add-ins, Outlook would possibly load slower. Some add-ons do loads of calculations for every highlighted item, others work once while creating and sending messages.

If many add-ons are installed, every one of them can do the same work many times. It’s best to have one universal solution for Outlook from one manufacturer than several from totally different ones if they are doing the same task. To disable them follow:

  • Click on Outlook and open options
  • Then Click on Add-ins and then COM- Add-ins
  • Click on the Go option and find Add-ins to uncheck them

Update Drivers

Outdated drivers can make everything go slow. Updating drivers can solve your many problems and improve system performance, security, and stability.

You can use the Windows device manager tool and update drivers from there or you just install Bit Driver Updater and let it do all the work for you. 

  • Bit driver updater will start to scan all the outdated drivers automatically once launched 
  • In the results section, you will see a list and total number of all the drivers that need to be updated
  • Click on the update driver option on the right side of the result
  • Installation notice will be displayed click on Okay I understand and the process will begin
  • Click on the restart option available after the update is done 

To update all the drivers at once with a single click upgrade to the Pro version which also provides 24*7 free services. 


Methods in this article will surely help you fix your Outlook running slow issue in no time. Keep using methods to avoid such issues. You can also try these simple tricks like answering messages immediately, sorting them, and removing the excess. If you want to know more about CCC full form in Hindi then click here

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