How Smart Home Interior Design Will Improve Your Lifestyle

smart home

Functional and spacious

Maximizing free space and holding on to the aesthetic of the design while being functional is what every interior designer should strive for. Whether it’s a place for business meetings or a kitchen, the  plan behind the design must lay out the best use for the space at hand. Smart home design can provide an efficient way of life by rendering less time spent on cleaning, making use of dead space, reinforcing your home security and ultimately impacting your mood    or even have you turning the same room into a dining room in the morning and a bedroom at night.

If we take a look at the range of selection that Gautier-furniture offers through their custom designs we could fit any piece of furniture into any place, all the way from sofas to tables. Although Gautier is molded on French style living, its center base is in Dubai and offers a new touch of simplicity to the Middle Eastern world.

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Tiles and colors

By customising darker color tones to the floor and having hardware installed at the right place, cleaning the space must take minimal time to be done with thus being time efficient. CasaMilano, a floor tiles company based in UAE ,  hosts a wide range of exclusive designs from world’s famous brands, covering indoor and outdoor tiles and adding art into the design giving each space its own aura. CasaMilano also offers their room interior design services to their clients giving them the best fits for their needs while going the extra mile with each client.

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 Convertible furniture

Having convertible hardware like a bed-couch or a multisize-table can give you this extra edge. Anytime you got some extra people sleeping over, or even, if you lack space you can turn the living room into a dining room in a couple of minutes . Hideaway, is a specialized manufacturer in Dubai for this specific niche .Hideaway Furniture mechanisms will help your furniture multipurpose by adding sleeping area, folding tables, revolving wardrobes or TV cabinets that free up living spaces so that you can enjoy more of your home or office. To ensure that you are buying a piece of furniture that is of high quality but at an affordable price, all their  units are engineered in Italy and manufactured in UAE and are covered by ironclad warranties to provide peace of mind on top of a comfortable and functional solution.


Lighting technology

Whether you are searching for the best ceiling lights, contemporary table lamps, modern pendant lights, rustic chandeliers in Dubai, or contemporary outdoor lighting solutions, luxxe lightning covers it all. Lights alone play an important role in uplifting and enhancing the overall appeal and feel of your property. Making each experience in each place unique and adequate to your mood. Home automation goes hand in hand in developing a system of lighting that is eco-friendly and easy to use, and that’s What Fibaro Specializes in.

Fibaro offers a synced app with a system of lighting for all the lights in the house. Making the user able to switch any light on and off at any time or even have the lights in your room. Synced to a movie you are watching giving you the ultimate cinema experience. Your Lighting and smart home can really give the impression that there are household members inside.

When you’re away, the light in selected rooms and in the garden can turn on at selected times to effectively confuse and discourage people who would like to enter the property in your absence. In every house there are rooms where we come by very rarely. Usually these are attics, lockers and utility rooms that we leave with our hands full. The light in such places can turn off automatically after a few minutes. You don’t have to remember about it and you don’t have to come back to do it.

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Smart Home Automation systems

However, nothing makes it easier and more efficient than a smart home automation system. This is the holy grail of modern interior design. Having this luxury set up at any place is a whole new level of living. From accessing all sorts of electronics to making your home, robbery-proof and having control over your home while being miles away. Is the new trend and is what the global market craves. This gem will boost your lifestyle on so many levels starting with your sleep, day to day performance, time management, safety procedures, awareness and reliance.

Home designer started integrating technology into the design of the interior and came up with a superior design model that suits each client. One of the best to do it was Kelly Wearstler while working on hotels and high-end residential, commercial, retail and hospitality spaces. She found out that incorporating smart systems to business models in hospitality can save up ton of costs starting with electricity bills to water waste and cleaning time. And that’s a way for each private house to save up on resources going to waste and be economically responsible.

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