How is hair transplant treatment given to burn patients?

Hair Transplant for Burn Patients

Hair transplant is like a magical treatment for patients facing hair loss or early baldness in their adult life. Just one hair Transplant in Vizag is enough to deal with hair loss issues for a lifetime. Be it, men or women, both can undergo this latest surgical intervention under the expertise of a hair restoration surgeon & get their lost confidence back. Well! This treatment does not simply address hair loss, but even burn patients on the scalp can choose this option. You can say that this cosmetic surgical option will transform your hair locks into something you have always wished for.

Hair transplant for burn scar

Hair Transplant in Kakinada is one of the best ways to address hair loss and burn scars. So, if you have kept this problem to yourself for a long time, Now you know, ‘How can burn patients get their hair locks back?’ The answer is as simple as it can be: Hair Transplant.

During a hair transplant, the hair follicles are extracted from the hair-bearing part and then transplanted to where hair growth is significantly less. The hair restoration surgeon will take a thick & dense part of hair growth so that the bald part can be covered as effectively as possible. If your burn scar is taking your self-confidence deep down, then plan for a hair transplant under the expertise of a trained hair restoration surgeon.

What is the reason hair does not grow naturally in burnt areas?

One of the biggest reasons is that skin gets burnt. It’s not the same as burning hair because hair growth is possible afterward. The burnt area will have the issue of hair follicles underneath it getting targeted. Being hair follicles getting targeted means the hair growth is not likely independently. You can consider this situation with the laser hair removal method as follows: there is no hair growth.

What are the best treatment options for burn scars?

The hair growth in burn scars is limited because the traditional methods are not that effective. Whether you talk about topical medications or steroids, nothing will work. This is where you have to consider getting hair transplant surgery to save your hair locks.

Permanent & Natural Hair growth

Following hair transplantation, hair growth is permanent and natural. As the fresh & healthy hair follicles are transplanted to the problematic site, it is going to grow for a lifetime. So, the results you notice are permanent. Hair growth is natural because your hair follicles are used during the treatment. So, once the hair grafts are transplanted, you will continuously see hair growth.

Moreover, this hair can be dyed, cut, and taken care of the same way, just like your existing hair growth. Overall, the hair transplant treatment is like a savior for all those facing the condition of a burn scar on the scalp.

Do you think this treatment is proper for you?

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to plan everything the right way and, most importantly, get a customized solution for the situation.

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