Fix QuickBooks Error 1920


Quickbooks Error 1920- Let’s Fix It


If you’re looking for ways to solve QuickBooks error 1920, go no further than this article. When you launch the QuickBooks database server management, you may see the error code 1920, which states:


“Error 1920: The QuickBooks Database Manager (QBCFMonitorService) service was unable to start.”

This error can be related to several facts that we shall explore later in this article. The present paper contained information on the 1920 mistake of QuickBooks. Keep tuned till the conclusion and discover other truths about this mistake.

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Let’s Explain- Quickbooks Error 1920/QBCFMonitor Service Error

The QBCFMonitorService error/QuickBooks Error 1920 fails to start means that the QuickBooks Database Server Manager has failed to start. This mistake is frequently encountered when the database server manager is unable to access a desktop hard disc to connect to business files. This mistake can be caused by a few causes, which we shall address here later. When the QBDBMS tried to access a disc on the desktop and could not start the service correctly.


What causes the 1920 error code of QuickBooks?

Some factors may result in an error failure in the database server management. The following are some of the typical reasons for this error:

  • If a problem develops in the operating system, you may see this error.
  • QuickBooks had failed to install or uninstall.
  • Incorrect entries in the windows registry might lead to this problem also.
  • Any kind of virus or malware assault might be another cause contributing to this issue.
  • Also, owing to a power outage or erroneous system shutdown, you could have a similar problem.
  • If QuickBooks important files have been inadvertently destroyed for a reason it may end up


Solution For QuickBooks Error 1920

When the server database manager is unable to connect to the company file, the QuickBooks Error 1920 is shown. If you initially install QuickBooks on your PC and have this problem, you can install it as an admin rights window user. In addition, you may do the following measures in no time to eliminate this problem.


CASE 1: User tries to update Quickbooks

You can utilize these procedures if a new version of QuickBooks is being installed or QuickBooks is being updated for the newest version.


Step 1: Uninstall the desktop for Quickbooks

  • To begin, hit the + R-key button and then seek the control panel and open it.
  • Then choose the applications and functions or remove the software.
  • Now choose the list of applications installed for the QuickBooks desktop form.
  • Then choose the option to uninstall or modify and follow the onscreen steps.


Step 2: Installation directories renaming

If the application data or programme data folder is not viewed, you will need to show hidden files and directories or search for items using Windows.

 Also, when other intuit programmes are installed on your system, ensure that only the QuickBooks version directory located in the Intuit folder is removed and renamed.


Step 3: QuickBooks desktop installation.

  • Prepare to install your programme first and foremost.
  • Install your QuickBooks Desktop thereafter.
  • Open the file you download (QuickBooks.exe).
  • Follow the instructions on-screen and agree to the software licensing agreement.
  • Please select the Next option.
  • Now, Enter your software product and license numbers and then select Next option.
  • Decide which type is appropriate for you to install.
  • Install Custom and Network.
  • Finally, turn on your desktop QuickBooks.


Step 4: Use the name of the company file to set up Quickbooks desktop

  • You must open QuickBooks for this purpose.
  • Then navigate to the QB file menu to open or restore an existing firm.
  • Afterward, open a company file and press the next tab.
  • Once done, select a new company file name.
  • Finally, press the open tab with a click.


Step 5: Settling the problem manually

  • Rename the company file of QuickBooks first.
  • Then open the desktop and open the company file as well.
  • Press the F2 key or the Ctrl+1 key to open details about the product.
  • The company file is then tracked and listed in the information file.


  • The next step is to shut the desktop with QuickBooks.
  • Then navigate to the location of the business file.
  • With right-clicking on the Start tab of Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 users will choose the Explorer file.
  • And you will have to right-click Windows 7 and Vista users on the Windows Start tab to access Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click the file, then choose the tab for the renaming.
  • Finally, input the firm files’ new name and click on the Enter key.


CASE 2: User tries to update the server server server manager QuickBooks

If you have QuickBooks not on the server, but share the file across the network via the database server manager, the following procedures can be performed.

Step 1: Uninstall the server management of QuickBooks.

Step 2: Rename the folders for installation

Step 3: QuickBooks database management reinstallation


We complete the post here with the goal of helping you tackle the QuickBooks Error 1920 using the strategies and information that we offer above. If the mistake remains or continues to make you feel troubled, please visit a support staff of the company QuickBooks. Feel free to call our assistance station 24X7 at +1-844-384-1327.


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