Five Useful Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life – A Helpful Guide

Sexual drive is never consistent, contrary to popular belief. Our ability to have sex can be influenced or hindered by a wide variety of external factors, some of which we may not even be aware of. Physical exhaustion, mental blockages, and problems with our health can all contribute to lack of drive.

Those people have too many things going on in their minds that could hinder their performance, and boy, do they have too many distractions! We should talk about sex even though it is intimate and personal if we want to stay healthy. In this article, we’ll look into some of the most common problems and learn how to bring back the fire in our sex life.

Making Use of Sex Toys

In Netflix’s “Sex Education” and “Big Mouth,” the shows emphasize how important it is to learn what your body feels like. For good reason: Masturbation helps us understand why we feel good or unwell. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that sex toys like the Dildo come in handy when it comes time to increase your sexual vocabulary.

Today, both men and women are searching for their pleasure centers, which is why the industry has flourished and is booming around the world. Know what makes your body climax, and share that information with your partner so you can enjoy your sexual experiences to their fullest.

Using sex toys as a daily routine enhances the sensory experience and allows us to communicate our tactile desires. In order to lead a healthy sexual life, you must constantly explore yourself, otherwise things will become stale and unimaginable.


According to a popular saying, fat people make more attractive lovers. Maintaining your drive and stamina can be achieved, however, by staying fit and physically active. Even if it sounds odd, being happy with how you look in the mirror can increase your sexual energy.

You do not need to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen to gain that boost. Little things make a big difference. In addition to achieving a chiseled Dionysian body, exercise is about gaining confidence and self-love. People who work out and see results are likely to feel good about themselves, which leads to an increase in libido. This is why you should keep working out.

Stay Mentally Fit

Healthy minds lead to healthy bodies and vice versa. Our performance can be hindered by mental problems and blockages so it is important to work on our mental hygiene on a regular basis. It’s true that there are a lot of guys who have raw sex appeal, but they are unable to give their best during intercourse because there is so much going through their minds during that time. It is important to remain mental fit for sex through introspection and open discussion, as well as counseling and in severe cases, therapy.

There are a number of mental breaks and distractions people can experience, including issues regarding intimacy, performance shame, feelings of inadequacy, and body shame. In fact, if a problem exists, it is usually very deeply rooted and only sex suffers for it. Technically, it’s not hard for anyone to have sex, but for various reasons, we must overcome barriers in our brains in order to do so.

No matter how close you are to your partner, you have to understand that relationships are hard work, and nothing is 100% guaranteed. So try to keep an open mind and keep your heart on your sleeve especially when you feel that something is wrong.

You need to be able to articulate your feelings and to address existing problems if you want to reach your full sexual potential. Take time and change your perspective, as mental problems won’t disappear overnight.

Try Something New

A lot of couples follow a predictable sexual script. Add some spice by trying something new. To alter your sensory experience, Ellen Barnard, MSSW, a sex educator and counselor in Madison, Wisconsin, recommends changing your position or adding blindfolds. You can also play with sex toys, role play, dress up, and use bdsm kits to make your sexual life more pleasurable and fun.

Discuss Your Fantasies

There are sexual fantasies in almost everyone’s head, and they are often true. However, few of us have ever shared these fantasies with a partner, much less acted on them. As a result, we’re unable to get everything from our sex lives that we desire.

It’s rare to see couples talking about fantasy, says Roger Libby, a sex therapist and assistant professor and distinguished lecturer at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Sexuality in San Francisco. I believe it’s important for couples to put their imaginations to use and share their sexiest wishes.”

You could set the mood by lighting candles, turning off  lights, and playing romantic music if you are feeling shy. When you and your partner are relaxed and feeling intimate, you should open up.

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