Five Pillars of E-Commerce Business

E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce (electronic commerce) business is like a store for buying and selling purposes. But it’s not a brick-and-mortar store, it’s an online store that may or may not have a physical existence. Now-a-day, electronic media is being used to sell and buy your desired needs to save your time and resources.

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Best 5 Pillars of E-Commerce

There are different pillars discussed in different articles as there is a huge scope of e-commerce and online business. Let us discuss some of them:

1. Price:

When it comes to price in an online business, it should be a great choice for a customer. It can get on the nerves of its customers with the price. It will lead a site or a business to good and better.

From the business point of view, you should invest in the departments that will lead to more production and make the business or site efficient, responsive, and responsible, more importantly.


There can be different factors that can have an impact on e-commerce; price is not only the one. It can be a matter of shipping as soon as possible; it can be a matter of response a customer can get etc. Instead of one, there should be different ways for the customers to pay as, credit/debit cards, cash payments, etc.

3. Loyalty:

Loyalty is the most important factor in an e-commerce business. Your customers should get the loyalty they expect from your business. If there is one customer that is satisfied with your business services and loyalty, he/she can make some customers for your business that will be a great favor for your business.

As discussed in the above paragraph two benefits of loyalty an e-commerce business can get:

  • Increased probability of income
  • More Views/customers


In an e-commerce business, loyalty can improve by sending emails to customers, postal letters to their customers, some messages to confirm their order or shipping, etc. Loyalty has a strong impact. An e-commerce business should adopt some new tactics to become more loyal in the eyes of its consumers.

3. Service:

As an e-commerce business, it can get loyalty by providing better and quicker services to its customers. The above pillar of loyalty is based on the services that are provided to a customer. A satisfied customer is more than any other thing for a business, and in e-commerce, the business customer expects better services than the physical store as they can get their parcels at home, can do cash on delivery.

If a customer has to wait for their parcels, contact services are not that supportive and responsive, the parcel is not as it was supposed to be. It will get a nasty impact on your customers, and it’s like:

“One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel”.


An e-commerce business should focus on the service factor/pillar that will help gain more customers for their business. Introduce fresh and new services to the consumers, as humans love the change.

4. Quality:

Quality is the superlative pillar of an e-commerce business. It’s the most important pillar as it covers or leads the all-other pillars like loyalty, price, and service. The quality of your product can take your business to the sky or fall it down under the sea. One e-commerce business should not trade off upon the quality of the product.

An e-commerce business that is following all the other instructions and working on all other pillars and heedless of quality is making the worst verdict ever. The controls on the quality will increase the prospect of the business for satisfying their consumers with the quality of their products.

An e-commerce business is intended to masterminding test to check the quality of their product’s like, Quality assurance testing:

  • Integration testing
  • Unit testing
  • Usability testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Compatibility testing


And to make sure all the above testing is done, there needs to be a QA checklist (that tells what to do).

5. Domain:

The domain is the boundary on which people can reach your website. It contains the products of the domain’s interest. The people living in the defined domain have their norms and rituals, and their own culture and e-commerce business are intended to provide their consumers with convenience as their interests are.

In my slant, all the pillars explained above are far-reaching, but the influential pillar of an e-commerce business is the “QUALITY” of the products of your business. Sole can accommodate the price, service when the quality of the product is far better than expected.


You can now start your own business online. If you know about online business, then you already know the value of an online business and how it can give you profit in the future. Read the article for further details. You may visit DealMeCoupon to find the best discounts on business stationery to enhance your e-commerce business more and more for visible growth.

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