Epilepsy (Neurological Disorder): Its Major Causes And Symptoms


What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder wherein the brain’s activity becomes a little abnormal, which generally causes certain seizures, sensations, or behavior. It is can also sometimes lead to loss of awareness.

Anyone could have Epilepsy, no matter their gender, race, caste, or age.so if you notice specific neurological disabilities, we would highly recommend visiting a Neurologist in Ludhiana.

One of the significant symptoms of Epilepsy is seizures, but di you know, it can also vary from individual to individual. For example, some people who have Epilepsy stare blankly at nothing during a seizure session, whereas others fidget their arms or legs during seizures.

Each case would be treated differently at Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana to get a good treatment for the same as medication or surgery would help the patient control seizures more effectively.

Symptoms Of Epilepsy

As seizures could affect any coordination that the brain processes, hence its signs and symptoms include different variants such as:

  • Temporary confusion
  • Having specific psychological symptoms like fear, deja vu, or anxiety.
  • A staring spell.
  • Loss of awareness or consciousness.
  • Having stiff muscles.
  • Controllable twitching of arms and legs.

One individual doesn’t need to have similar symptoms. However, the symptoms stay the same in each episode most of the time.

Based on where and how the brain’s abnormal activity started, the doctor would categorize it into either generalized or focal.

Causes Of Epilepsy

For half eth population who are suffering from Epilepsy, there is no particular reason that has caused Epilepsy, whereas the other half are traced with the constitution stated below:

  • Genetic influence: some epilepsy is activated in the brain, which causes abnormalities and seizures is because it runs in the family. In such cases, the genetic effects are the major accuse of Epilepsy in the patient.
  • Head trauma: if you have had an accident that has caused some serious injury or trauma to your head can also be a leading cause of Epilepsy.
  • Brain Abnormalities: any sort of abnormalities in your brain, including vascular malformations such as cavernous malformations and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), a brain tumor can lead you to have Epilepsy. It is also noticed that stroke is one of the primary reasons that cause Epilepsy in adults above 35.
  • Infection: according to doctors, HIV, Meningitis, viral encephalitis, and some other parasitic infections can also be a source of Epilepsy.
  • Prenatal Injury: you could also have Epilepsy before your birth. This is caused by different factors, including poor nutrition, oxygen deficiency, or the mother suffering from an infection. As babies are sensitive, they are more prone to injuries that could damage their brains.
  • Development disorder: it can sometimes also be associated with specific developmental disorders, including autism.

When To See The Doctor?

  • Seizures last more than 5 minutes.
  • You have diabetes.
  • Suffering from a high fever
  • You are pregnant
  • 2nd seizure followed immediately after the 1st.
  • Breathing problem after the episodes.
  • Having seizures even after taking anti-seizure medicines.

Where To Go For The Treatment?

Neuro Citi Hospital can be your stop for treating neurological disorders under the guidance of expert doctors.

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