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2018nfl waist flag rugby “Apple Seed Plan” is recruiting!
15 years ago, NFL professional football big alliance planted some apple seeds in China;
15 years later, these seeds have grown into a orchard, and hopes for China’s football career.

In 2003, the NFL Professional Rugby Grand League held NFL “Apple Seed Plan” training camp in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, aimed at training college students across the country to become NFL waistball coach and referee, and better promoted China. And popular wrapped football. So far, Apple Seed Plan has cultivated more than 3,000 coaches and referees, and they coached and enforce the rugby events at all levels, and made a huge contribution to the popularity of Chinese waist flag.

Now in China, rugby has gradually accepted by the public, and more and more cities began to organize, participate in football games, more and more families regard rugby as an ideal project to cultivate children’s body and will; even in the study group, Football specials have also begun to be favored. For 15 years, football has become more popular in China and is one of the fastest growing sports in China.

On June 30, 2018, with the NFL professional football big alliance officially established a comprehensive strategic cooperation between NFL Waist Football League, Rugby Sports in China, which has a more solid operational platform in China. The development of rugby began a new stage in China. At the same time, a new round of NFL China’s waist flag rugby “Apple Seed Plan” will also restart.

2018nfl Apple Seed Plan

NFL Apple Seed Plan with Heaven

2018 NFL China Waist Flag Rugby “Apple Seed Plan” will be fully organized by Tianxing University. Tianxing University is a member of the Tianxing Dadang (China) Rugby School; Tianhang Dhal is an NFL China Waist Flaccoon Harmon Office, the only NFL Waist Flacchers, referee training institutions.

NFL Apple Seeds Planning and Cooperation between the Tianxing Dadang (China) Rugby Academy is not accidental. In fact, many executives of the sky Detan are a three-year-old NFL Apple Seed Plan. And this is what the NFL “Apple Seed Plan” and the charm of rugby.

NFL “Apple Seed Plan” student photo

Training tutor of NFL Apple Seed Plan

Chen Fan

Tianxing Daliang Football College CEO
Former waist flag rugby China national team coach
Shanghai Rugby Association Vice President
Graduated from Shanghai Sports Institute
Engaged in the football industry for more than 15 years
Responsible for organizing the nearly thousand rugby events and activities

Zhang Nan

Tianxing Dali Football College COO
Senior olive coaches and commentators
Former Nike brand operators

Zhou Xiaohua

President of Tianxing University, Tianxing University, Football College
NFL China Waist Flag Rugby League Shanghai Division League
Graduated from Shanghai Sports Institute
He is currently the deputy secretary general of Shanghai University Football Association
Have a fifteen years of football promotion experience

Li Chauling

Manianda Argon Branch General Manager
Former professional football players and rugby players
2007 Effects NFL European League (NFL Europa Amsterdam Admirars and NFL Oakland Raiders)


Tianxing Daliang Football College League Manager
2013-2015 NFL University Waist Flag Rugby League
2011-2012 NFL University Waist Flag Rugby League Referee

Why participate in the 2018 Apple Seed Plan?

Appraisal by approved, you can get NFL China certified coaches, referee certificates;

Have the opportunity to participate in the organization operation of NFL China’s Waist Flag Football Tournament;

Successfully adopted college students from school students to get the work opportunities of any campus of 15 cities in the sky;

Have intentional in the field of football, have the opportunity to become a partner of the Tianxing Dachang City or the Tianxing to help the students start business.

2018 NFL China Waist Football “Apple Seed Plan” training camp will be officially opened on July 23, 2018, in the three places of Foshan, Shanghai, Beijing, welcome friends who have a sense of adolescent football project to sign up.

class schedule

The first issue: July 23 – 27, Foshan

Page 2: Shanghai, August 13th – 17th

Lesson Issue 3: Beijing August 20th – 24th Beijing

For a total of 5 days in each course, the course is scheduled & mdash; & mdash;

Location and facilities

Foshan Tianxing Football College

Tianxing Center Globe

Tianxing Center Package: Front desk, watchtock, player learning area, cafe, locker room

Tianhang Central Course, where to buy cheap nfl jerseys China’s first standard football course

training fees


6800 yuan / person Phase I (50% discount on school students, 20 per period)

Cost description:

1, the above standard fee includes:

Course fees: 5 days Training courses;

Certification fees: waist flag rugby coaches and referee assessment certification;

Equipment cost: 2 sets of clothing, football, waist flag each.

2, personal round-trip tolls, accommodation fees

3, now register for a 40% discount!
(This discount is not shared in school students)