Dr. Hana Patel: GP Professional Expert and Life Coach

Dr. Hana Patel GP Professional Expert and Life Coach

Dr. Hana Patel GP Professional Expert and Life Coach

Dr. Hana Patel is a general practitioner who completed her medical training in 2005, qualifying from University College London, and became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2010. 

She has additional post-graduate qualifications in Family Planning, Women’s Health, Elderly Medicine, ILM 5 Executive Business Coaching and Mentoring, and a Masters’ degree in Medical Education.

Dr. Hana Patel has been providing her services as a Life Coach and Mentor to colleagues in the NHS for many years, and decided to use her skills to offer this highly regulated and monitored service to all clients. 

Having personal infertility issues, and finding the resources and support related to this poor and unsupportive, led her on the path of fertility coaching and cementing her passion in Coaching. 

Using her skills in Coaching and Mentoring NHS clients for many years, she is able to offer a broader and more holistic approach that only a general practitioner can in each individualized and personal session. 

Expert in GP Professional and Life Coach

Dr. Hana Patel has a specialist interest in education, coaching, and mentoring. Working as an Educational GP trainer, assisting qualified doctors in a training post in general practice, led her to complete her Masters in Medical Education from the University of Kent and she is now an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Kent Honorary Academics with DaLL. 

Dr. Hana Patel continues to assist in training general practitioners by working as a GP Training Programme Director for Health Education England, working as a GMC examiner, and as an academic mentor. 

Dr. Hana Patel also provides services as a professional lecturer and teacher for schools, other GP training program schemes around the country, and lectures internationally. Dr. Hana Patel also publishes work as a section editor for the Royal College of General Practitioner’s Journal for GP trainees called InnovAiT. 

This medical journal is published all over the world. (PDF) News & Views, Hana Patel’s research works

Dr. Hana Patel also works with nonmedical clients as an executive business and relationship/ life coach to achieve personal goals.

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