All the Ways to Create a Mood in Your Home

Create a Mood

Moody interiors can be designed in many different ways, and this article will explore all the options. You want to create a mood with your home decor, but you might not know-how.

We are here to help! One can do so many things to bring about a certain atmosphere and set the tone for their living space; from lighting sources to color schemes, there is no limit on what you can achieve. In this blog post, we will:

  • Discuss different styles of light fixtures
  • Explore color theory and how it affects your mood
  • Outline tricks for creating an inviting ambiance

And many other things! Here are some interesting tips for creating a moody interior.


Try to mix white and black with other muted colors for a more subdued appearance. Green is also a cool and trendy color to use for this. You can also use different textures for a more layered feel.  Likewise, pairing the furniture with cozy area rugs can also help to create a moody and inviting atmosphere. 

  • Example: Bright colors like red, pink, and yellow are said to be “warm” because they affect the body’s temperature, whereas blue is a cool color that can make someone feel calm or serene in comparison. The contrast between warm and cool colors will influence how people perceive your home.
  • Example: A bedroom that has a lot of blue in it typically feels relaxing and soothing.
  • Example: Rooms with more yellow, for example, are said to promote creativity because they help stimulate the mind.
  • Example: Warm colors like red or orange can make your room look cozy and inviting. They’re vibrant shades that feel warm on the skin.
  • Example: A room with a lot of green in it feels fresh and healthy, which can make someone more productive or creative.


There are so many different types of light fixtures you can use to create the mood of your space. Consider using chandeliers, sconces, or floor lamps to add extra layers and depth that will make any room seem more sophisticated.

Light is crucial when it comes to setting the tone of your room! Candles, lamps, and overhead light fixtures are all ways to set an atmosphere in anConsider using track lighting, which can be customized to provide different levels of light and shadow in a room.

Besides, Outdoor lights are the perfect way to set an intimate mood for your backyard or patio setting. You’ll be able to achieve anything from twinkling fairy lights, stringed lanterns, and more! These will make any space feel romantic, serene, and enchanting!

A little spot for reading or writing 

If you have someplace where people like to read, consider installing an adjustable floor lamp so they can move the spotlight around as needed. It is also good Vastu tips for study room

Or use a dimmer switch on your overhead lights that will allow you to go from bright and cheery to soft and warm. Layer the floor with zig-zag pattern solid color modern rugs for an instant mood change.

A collection of artwork 

Every moody home has a gallery wall! It is the perfect area to showcase your favorite pieces or even start with one piece that sets the style and tone for the rest of your space.

Maybe it’s an old photo of a loved one that gives you a sense of nostalgia, or it’s an abstract piece that makes your mind wander when you look at it.

It could be a favorite print from a recent trip abroad to make something feel exotic or even just one special photo in black and white for the era-inspired mood. Whatever sets your space apart is what will transform it into a moody home.

Exotic textures 

Adding textured elements to your space will add an instant cozy, moody vibe. Think about adding area rugs and throws on furniture and pillows with unusual patterns or embroideries that can be mixed in different ways for the seasons. Downstairs you might want to explore others. Consider a satin pillow, damask upholstery, or even velvet armchairs.

Elegant silhouettes 

Silhouette is an easy way to set the mood for your space. Choose pieces with elegant lines and minimalistic design, such as classic sofas in muted tones that won’t compete with statement accessories like chandeliers or artwork. To explore a moody palette, think about adding dark browns and blues with an occasional pop of color.

You can create a sophisticated and artistic look by combining navy sofas and armchairs next to deep red walls while incorporating more playful items such as brightly colored accent pillows or pink throw blankets.

Dramatic backsplashes

Moody interiors often have dramatic backsplashes to create a sense of drama and mood. Explore black, dark brown, or navy tones that bring warmth into space and add depth and interest.

Splashbacks in these colors can be combined with different textures like marble, wood, or faux stone tiles for an interesting effect. A plaid patterned backsplash is an alternative idea that will spice up your kitchen.


Adding wallpaper to your wall is another way to set the mood. Dark, dramatic patterns or large-scale floral prints are always a good bet as they will create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication while also giving warmth with their colors and textures.

When going for wallpapers, don’t ignore the hallways and staircase, as they can be treated differently. When decorating with moody colors and patterns, the one thing to keep in mind is that they should not dominate your space. You want them to have a subtle effect, so introduce these elements into your home where you think they will work best.

Boho chic bedrooms

If you’re up for a more laid-back design for your bedroom, consider incorporating boho-chic details in your space. These are characterized by the use of natural materials like wood and stone and earthy colors such as browns, greens, or blues.

If you’re not into these hues but still want a laid-back feel to your bedroom, then try out vintage pieces that will give off an aged appearance without being too rough around the edges.

Rustic and industrial style kitchens

If you’re looking for a space that exudes an edgy vibe, then consider incorporating rustic or industrial details into your kitchen. This includes using wood as a prominent material in the cabinetry design to create frameless cabinets with exposed metal hardware.

Also, adding ivory subway tiles on the wall for a warm touch. And installing an open shelving system that will give your kitchen some much-needed storage space.

On a Final Note

We hope these ideas will help you in getting started on your moody design journey. There are so many ways to create a mood, but we highlighted the two most popular approaches for doing it with color and texture here.

Keep exploring! And don’t forget to stop by RugKnots if you need help picking out some rugs that work well with any of these designs.

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