Best Anal Sex Toys For A Satisfying Anal Experience

Let’s reclaim the mantra of living a good life, it’s not the destination that we enjoy, it’s the journey that gives the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in life. The same goes for our love life, your butt can give you the pleasure of a lifetime when you use anal sex toys available at online store.

You need to rebrand your bedroom a little bit so you can experience the pleasure of being getting loved by taking a battering ram to the back door. The bum can offer the full pleasure and kind of spectrum that you can’t get from the foreplay alone.

If you have a partner, you can tell him to give you a gentle cheek massage or rectal massage: you can buy some floggers and paddles from Cupid Baba and get into a little it of spanking. On the other side if you are a dildo or a prostate massage fan, you can invest in beautiful dildos and butt plugs available at our store. In case, you don’t want to invest you can just take the slightly lubed finger on a journey to the center of sexual pleasure.

When you visit the Cupidbaba website, we will give you a new level of experience by offering you sex toys for anal play so you can get ready to explore the backdoor pleasures. Today, we are going to dive into the huge selection of sex toys for the beginners and anal accessories that you have always wanted in your bedroom:

Vibrating Rabbit Dual Penetration Cock Ring

Why would you need a third partner when you have got the anal sex toy? The anal dildo has an attached cock ring so you can give your woman double penetration by wearing it on your penis and penetrating her ass. You can rock her world as there is a small rabbit vibe for clitoral stimulation attached to the base of it.

Silicone Butt Plug Kit For Beginners

These plugs have a wide handle at the base and 4.5 inches in depth and 1.3 inches in girth which makes it a perfect sex toy for anal training. The tapered and slender shape makes it a perfect sex toy to play roughly around the back door. The tapered tip of the toy helps in easier penetration and using a broad base you can easily take the toy out of the butt. It is also available in a thinner design if you want less intense pleasure.

Anal Sex Education Sets

Cupidbaba brought to you this sex toy particularly for those folks who want to give their bodies a punch of pleasure into anal play through penetration of the anal region by different sizes of toys offering 3 different stimulations and sensations (vibrating, flexible and weighted). It comes with an enema, a 60 + page book by Sinclair, and a lubricant applicator that comes with this product. It is a best seller worldwide for a reason as it gives the complete experience.

Anal Beads For Beginners

These anal beads are made of silicone and offer a clutch way to experiment a little bit with the butt before you can engage in anal sex with your partner. This way you can familiarize yourself with the kind of fulness and sensations you are going to get from indulging in anal play. This set includes a set of 10 beads that is expandable in size, so you can start small and then work your way up to the big toys.

Love Honey Beaded Butt Plug

It is a similar kind of sex toy for anal play like other toys, but it wraps up the difference between your beaded plug and classic butt plug. This toy fits easily in the palm of your hands and it can give stimulation like anal beads with its four graduated sizes and a wide base which helps the toy from getting lost in your ass. We recommend using lubricant with the sex toy for anal pleasure.

Booty Sparks Gem Plug

You can’t un assume it in size, but not the style it offers. It is a metal plug that holds the gem which gives it a luxury and classic toy. The material is weighted a little bit, which makes it perfect for deeper stimulation.

We-vibe Vector Anal Vibrator

This We-vibe Vector Anal Vibrator for both stimulations, i.e perineum and anal or it can be used for clitoral and vaginal stimulation as well. You can allow your partner to control it from the remote control from a far distance. Its seamless fit allows for easy insertion and operates quietly which means no one else would get to know what you are up to. It is a waterproof toy which makes it ideal for shower sex.

If you want to experience the joy of anal sex then visit Cupidbaba today and order your favorite anal sex toy.

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