Becoming a Maid for an Agency: The Advantages

More and more maid agencies in Singapore specializing in personal services are emerging, and welcoming workers in this sector, in particular cleaning ladies. Being a maid for an agency can allow you to benefit from a stable job, with a monthly salary commensurate with your degree of qualification. Your missions will revolve around the cleaning and maintenance of surfaces, in public or private places, in order to ensure their storage and hygiene. Find out everything you need to know about the job of professional maid.

Housekeeper: The Statuses for which you can opt

As a maid, you have the possibility of working under 2 different statuses:

By working in the private sector, you can work for individuals and get paid. You can also choose the self-employed status if you want to be self-employed, or work for a maid agency.

  • Self-employed

By opting for the self-employed status, you are self-employed, which means that you are working on your own. You will therefore have to declare your income as well as the payment of the various charges to which you are subject. Note that these are set at 22% of your income. Being a self-employed maid allows you to benefit from a salary, depending on the services you offer, their frequency and your qualification. Note that this status also implies bookkeeping, prospecting for clients, etc.

  • In a service agency

By working as a maid for an agency, you will be employed by it. As a result, you will not have to look for clients, and will be able to benefit from all the advantages inherent in this status: paid leave, social protection, overtime, etc. Your salary will be defined according to your qualifications and your experience. You will be engaged by an agency if you work as a maid for them. As a consequence, you won’t have to hunt for clients and will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with this status, such as paid leave, social security, overtime, and so forth. Your compensation will be determined by your qualifications and experience.

Why choose to be a maid in an agency?

During the pandemic, the unemployment rate is quite high and it can be difficult to find a job. Fortunately, home service in large cities, is a growing sector: demand is strong and many professional cleaning lady positions are in demand by individuals and businesses alike. It is a good opportunity to find a secure job, even if you have few qualifications. Just make sure that the maid agency you want to join is a licensed business of Ministry Of Manpower. Have you decided to become a maid? Here are some good reasons to choose the agency:

  • No formalities

By working for maid agency, you are an employee, and therefore, you benefit from an employment contract that protects you. You will not have to complete administrative formalities relating to the management of your accounts or your invoices. Similarly, you will also no longer need to prospect your customers yourself: the agency takes care of it for you. In practice, your task will be reduced to going to customers, performing your service, and fulfilling the number of hours provided for in your employment contract.

  • Benefit from training

Most cleaning agencies in offer professional training so that you can improve your skills and progress in your profession. It also guarantees you to climb the ranks and access more responsibilities during your career.

  • Career evolution

Working in a maid agency will lead you to work within a team of housekeepers. Depending on your experience, you may aspire to more responsibilities by moving on to other positions, such as agency assistance, team leader and even sector manager. You may be eligible for promotion if your superiors believe you are doing a good job.

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