Astonishing Diwali Gift Ideas For Family & Friends

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Sick of hunting around the gift and sweet stores, asking the salesmen -what to purchase for your family and dear friends, and yet getting stuck with the same-year-old dilemma of what to purchase this Diwali? Diwali is that joyful time of the year where we enhance our residences, wear brand new outfits, go overboard with buying delicious desserts, not just for gifts but to devour them.

It is the festival which is hugely expected all year round. However, the only difficulty that carries forth so many tiring and frustrating issues during this festival – What should be presented to our special buddies and family members?

‘We know you don’t need to buy the regular Diwali Gift Boxes from the local shop’ – but still, we settle up with it due to the hassle and time involved in finding something personal and exciting.

So, we suggest you develop a curated list of online Diwali gifts that you can buy from various online stores and, most essential things; it’s very pocket-friendly and affordable. We’re sure your receiver will be excited to receive it. Here we go:

3D Illusion Lights

If you need to try something new for this Diwali occasion, furnish it a try at these 3D illusion lights. These LED lights appear in various patterns and effects. From ships to globes to other models, you can enhance your home with any theme you need. These lights give 3D models and lighting effects with customized options. The 3D illumination is charming as well as unique. Its shades and patterns will set you aside in front of your buddies and guests. You can pick among the various styles available in online stores. Hurry up and set your order before the festivities start.

Diwali Diyas

Diyas are compatible with the festival of Diwali. Besides, what is a better Diwali gift online than some embellishing diyas for your family or buddies?

Religious and spiritual items

If you need to opt for the traditional form of gifting, go for gifts based on religious and spiritual factors. One of the most sought-after choices for this is gifting desires of deities. Present Lord Krishna, Buddha, Rama, Durga, Lord Ganesha, Vishnu or Laxmi Ganesh murti as their significance to the celebration of lights.

Chocolate Popcorns

Gifting Chocolate has become a story, be it a celebration, birthday or some great news. The most popular slogan by Cadbury proves that it begins with something sweet. While the festival & gifting are all enclosed by cliques, here is a twist in it. Somewhat of giving plain old chocolates, why not give your cherished one a can of popcorn chocolates, because who doesn’t like popcorn, true? 

Gifting a Chocolate Popcorn to your siblings or companions guarantees, it will be a wonder they won’t overlook it.  

Magic Cups

Coffee mugs have eternally been a trendy gift item amongst youngsters. But these magic cups are an indent over ordinary coffee mugs. These magic cups turn shade and design depending on the contents within. The magic transforms colour and image based on whether you are drinking a warm or cold drink. You can signify your fandom and purchase these magic cups in Avengers, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, cartoons, and different themed categories. Make your regular tea or coffee more exciting with specific magical cups and mugs.

DIY items

A personal preference! This category can vary from making valuable and brand new items from scratch. There are innumerable DIY teapots, bowls, lampshades, pen handles etc., which can be crafted in place. Cover these gifts up, connect yourself with the kids and build! Involve your kids, tap into their creativeness and let them undergo the process of making by having them produce something.

Sky Lantern

As we all remember very well, Diwali is known as the celebration of lightning. In this style, light up the darkened Diwali night atmosphere by hanging a lot of sky lamps.


On Diwali, people enhance the home with candles and lanterns. If you desire to Send Diwali Gifts for employees for the Diwali festival, You can attach some fabulous candles to your gifts or dry fruits for your buddies and family.

Pooja boxes

Well, provide us with a chance to market us as well. Please have a glance at our specially created Pooja boxes for fulfilling all your gifting requirements! Later all, we are a growing e-commerce shop in the quest to serve you all your similar pooja items at your doorstep and many more, of course.

Photo Frame as Diwali Gift

Nowadays, everything is stored in a smartphone; glancing at photographs has somewhere forgotten its existence but also obtained more significance than before. A photo frame is a natural gesture in an age of phone gallery gifting a buddy, cherished one or close family. You can also attach pictures to it that hold high value to the one receiving it, and that would make them smile.  


We hope that these present ideas make your responsibility for discovering a unique Diwali gift more comfortable or encourage you to arrive up with other inventive ideas of your own.




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