Affordable Accommodation is a Requirement for Some, but the Choices may be Limited


The world’s highest hotel in China opened last month, and it is the most outstanding achievement in architecture in recent months. There are certain aspects for which this is one of the best reasons that you can go for this hotel. If you go through the features of this hotel, you will be astonished. Some of them are even better than a 7 Star Hotel, like Burj Al Arab.

The main attraction of this hotel is that it is placed over 2,000 feet and is part of a building that is the highest in China. Shanghai Tower is 632 meters in height, and when you compare it with other hotels in its category, it is a great way to have a nice panoramic view of the city. But the main features of this hotel are its exemplary services and features that I will now describe in detail.

Exemplary Services to Look at

The hotel comprises 165 rooms, of which 34 are suites. 24/7 butler service, indoor swimming pool and one of the best bathrooms and room fittings, it is everything to marvel about. With petal-shaped bathtubs and toiletries, there is nothing more you can ask for. The focus of the luxury spa available in every room is about reiki treatments, and full Chinese tea sets are also available. Surely, just the above features are one of a kind, not only in China but also worldwide.

There are four sweet types, and the 380 square meters Shanghai suite is the biggest and most expensive one. Not just a bedroom but a study room, kitchen, physiotherapy area and just a room for getting dressed are part of the package. While the pricing of this suite is not known, the least expensive price/night of a room in this hotel is 557 US dollars. For the second most expensive suite, the cost/night can be as high as 10,467 US dollars.

Global Prices of Hotels are Now on the Rise

In most parts of the world, especially the US and Western Europe, hotels and other places of accommodation are on the rise. As the vaccination drive across the globe is now in full swing, there is every effort by the hospitality industry to gain new grounds. The city of Shanghai in China is one of the most happening places and a business hub. That is why such expensive and extravagant hotels are opening and getting the target market’s attention.

Just like hotels, the prices of other places of accommodation around the world are also bouncing back. There are scenarios in which people need to rent out a small place, like a condo or a flat, as they can’t afford a hotel room. The rent of even a small hotel, along with taxes and other charges, can be exorbitant for many reasons. And that’s why people prefer to avoid living in a hotel, especially if it is for an extended period, like 1-2 months.

Affordable Accommodation 

The scenario that I mentioned above was about a person looking for a temporary place. The reasons can be aplenty, but you may need to live in such a place for longer periods in some cases. For example, if Looking to stay in a place for business or students, there is every possibility that they will have to stay in that city or a particular neighbourhood for long. That is why affordable accommodation in this concern would be their first priority.

Certain factors play a major role in making people decide exactly where they want to live. That is why they require a small place with not many facilities and options. Of course, I am not talking about the basic necessities of life like water, electricity or certain aspects that are a given like a lift and lobby. The cost of living in a place that has premium features like the Shanghai hotel example can be exorbitant, and not many people can afford this. That is why affordable accommodation is a requirement for most people.

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