7 Easy Yoga for Senior Citizens

Aging is natural and with it comes diseases. But for those who do yoga since childhood, age is just a number. Because the mantra of staying young and staying healthy is hidden in yoga. With increasing age, the flexibility in the body decreases, due to which pain, weakness starts to be felt in the body. To get rid of these troubles, today I will tell some such easy yoga for senior citizens so that your life will be free from troubles.

But before that, I will give some such questions which will come to the mind of every elderly person before doing yoga.

Is Yoga Good for Over 60s?

Yoga is good for a person of any age. Whether you are above 40, 50, or 60, yes if you start yoga at a young age, old age will be delayed and your life will pass smoothly.

How often should the elderly do yoga?

If elderly people take out at least 15-20 minutes a day for yoga, then it can be very beneficial for them. Rest you can do yoga according to your stamina.


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 Easy Yoga for Senior Citizens:

Today I am going to tell yoga for the elderly, it is very easy and beneficial. By doing these, the body will be more flexible, there will be relief in pain, blood circulation will be good and all the muscles and nerves of the body will be healthy.

1) Siddhasana Yoga for Senior Citizens

Siddhasana is a very easy and useful asana. Because it is also very important from the spiritual point of view. It also brings salvation.


  • First of all, spread the seat of a rug or blanket in a clean place.
  • Sit in Sukhasan for a few moments. Control the breath.
  • Now place the heel of the left foot between the testicle and the anus.
  • Keep the right foot at the root of the penis. If there is difficulty in keeping, then you can keep the foot on the front side as well.
  • Compress the chin and place it in the throat.
  • Keep the body still and observe the equator with a fixed vision.


There is no other asana like this asana. This is a boon for the elderly. Urinary diseases are cured by this asana. Those who have problems with the prostate gland, which often occur in old age, also get cured by the practice of this asana. The spiritual benefits of this asana are also many. The practice of this asana gives quick success. This leads to the renunciation of the world and salvation. This is a very useful asana for the elderly from the spiritual and physical points of view.


2) Janushirasana (Mahamudra)

Janushirasana is also known as Mahamudra. Mahakleshaadi and death defects are destroyed by its practice.


  • First of all, sit on a blanket with Sukhasana. Calm down your mind.
  • Now spread your right leg outwards, the paw is stretched out.
  • Place the toes of the left leg with the right thigh in such a way that the heel touches the anus.
  • Touch the left knee with the ground.
  • After that, while inhaling, move both hands up.
  • Leaning forward while exhaling, grab the feet with the palms of both hands. See, bend as much as you can, do not push too much.
  • Stay in this position for a few moments and apply external Kumbhaka.
  • If you want to stay for a long time, then slowly inhale and release.

Pay a little attention – if the forehead is not felt, then it will start feeling with daily practice. Just don’t push too much, keep practicing. Do not lift the knee, the knee should stick to the ground. Bend yourself from the waist. Keeping the left leg straight, do the same action by bending the right leg.


This is a very useful asana (yoga for senior citizens in Hindi) for the elderly who sit in meditation, concentration comes. Even if something is eaten and drunk, it also gets digested. This is the Mahamudra for the destroyer of diseases and old age. It is beneficial in sciatica pain of the legs. Produces youthful laxity in the muscles and nerves of the whole body. The ligaments of the knees, ankles, and thighs get strengthened and become shapely.


3) Shashankasana 

It is also known as Balasan and in English, it is also called child pose. It is said that when a person becomes old, he becomes a child. Shashankasana is a very beneficial posture for all those elderly people. It is simple as well as useful.


  • First of all, sit on the yoga mat on the knees and while breathing, move both the hands up, keeping the palms in front.
  • Now while exhaling, bend from the back and place the forehead on the ground ahead of the knees and the hands will also come together in the same position.
  • Keep breathing regularly, keep the body loose.
  • Stay in this position for some time.


This is the worship of Supvajrasana. All the nerves and nerves come to their natural state. The body becomes relaxed. Irritability ends, the mind remains happy. Anger subsides.


4) Shithilasana

 There can be no better posture than this for the elderly. Believe me, after doing this asana, you will feel immense pleasure. This gives relaxation to the body and removes all the tiredness.


  • While lying on the stomach in a clean place, put the right cheek on the ground, face on the left side.
  • Bend your left arm at the elbow, so that the fingers of the hand come near the shoulder.
  • Keep in mind that there should be a distance of 6 inches between the palm and the shoulder.
  • Bend the left leg slightly, so that the left foot comes near the right knee.
  • Keep full stomach, chest on the ground, and body completely loose.
  • Keep in mind that there is no tension in any part, the focus should be on the breath.
  • Similarly, turn the right leg and right arm by turning the face to the right.
  • Leaving the body loose, rest in the lap of Mother Earth in such a way that a child sleeps fearlessly in the mother’s lap.
  • Close your eyes and feel the same.


This asana is a boon for the elderly who have lung disease. This asana also provides special benefits in diseases like cough, asthma, etc. By doing this asana, exhaustion of the body is removed, sleep comes well.


5) Bhujangasana 

It is also known as the cobra pose. This is also a very useful posture for senior citizens. By doing this, there is good blood circulation in all the muscles of the body.


  • Lie down on your stomach. Taking the feet and pulling them outwards, the heels should meet.
  • Touch the palms of the hands to the ground and keep them along the chest.
  • While inhaling with the help of hands, first raise the neck then the chest, lift it up to a little above the navel.
  • Try to bend the neck and chest as much as possible, keep your eyes towards the sky.
  • Stay in this position for some time.
  • Finally, come back exhaling.
  • Keeping the left cheek on the ground, leave the body loose in Dhajasana.


The kidneys get special benefits from this asana. The neck, shoulders, and spine are affected. Strengthens the tonsils and throat glands, thereby creating a youthful suppleness in the body.  It is especially beneficial in heart disease.


6) Laugh out loud Yoga for Senior Citizens

Laughing openly is very important to keep the body healthy. Throughout the day in work, in domestic troubles, in many other types of mental, physical problems. If we laugh openly then we can get rid of all these troubles.


  • Stand with your group of elders under the sky in an open field.
  • Then open your mouth by laughing and laughing with full voice 5 times, roll over.
  • Keep moving the hands up and down.
  • And keep a little movement in the upper body also.


If we laugh openly, then both the tension of the brain and the tiredness of the body go away. New consciousness comes in the body. The anger cools down, the mind goes to work. This will open your lungs and chest, exercise the stomach, strengthen the intestines. The light of the eyes brightens.


Two other kinds of laughter:

1.Silent laughter

Keep your mouth closed. He laughed a lot while closing his mouth without making any sound. You feel like your hair is laughing. This has a special effect on the intestines of the stomach.

2.Laughter without sound:

In this, you will laugh with your mouth open, but the voice will not come out of your mouth. The effect of this laughter also falls on the lungs and digestive system. Headache is also fine.


7) Yoga Nidra

Everyone talks about Yoga Nidra in India, but very few people know its correct method. To know it in detail and to know its complete method click here.


Some other questions and answers –

What is Chair Yoga for Senior Citizens?

The yoga performed while sitting on a chair is called chair yoga. It’s a good naming whoever did it. Only do this if you have trouble sitting down and standing. In a true sense, yoga is that by which we can get control of our breathing and heartbeat. Yes, we can definitely call it an exercise on a chair.

Can you start yoga at any age?

Yes, you can start yoga at any age. But if you have started yoga late then no one can tell, but you can make the coming generation aware by telling them about yoga. From the moment you start yoga, you will start getting its benefits.



The yogas mentioned above for the elderly are very easy and useful. You must do them and take advantage of them. Believe me, there is no risk of any kind in them and will do good to your health. My only wish is that the youth and the elderly and women and children of our country should all be healthy and join our ancient culture of yoga. Because through yoga we not only gain physical, mental toughness but it also develops a good personality.


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