11 SEO Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Business

11 SEO Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Business

After using outdated traditional marketing techniques, most businesses start using the new widely used online marketing strategy popular as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). Google claims that organic search traffic can give you much better traffic results as compared to other marketing techniques for a longer time. But there are so many myths out there when it comes to different practices of SEO. This is the major reason that hiring an SEO company in Delhi is a great option to leave all the myths behind without any doubt.

As we all know that no one has an exact idea about the google algorithm or how search engine ranking works. Everybody around you is just performing various experiments to get their exact results but it is not necessary that the things working for other businesses might not work for your service as well.

Here Are 11 SEO Popular Myths SEO Company Delhi Are Making You Aware Of
Myth 1: More Keyword Can Rank You Instantly

Creating URLs for your content embedded with keywords is full of crap. Including more and more keywords in your content can damage your site ranking as well as reputation. It gives a clear indication to Google that you are trying to just stuff your keywords in the content rather than sharing informational content among your audience. These indications can invite penalties on your website.

Myth 2: Fresh Content Get Indexed Automatically

Google automatically crawls or feeds on freshly written content is a myth. You might have heard of the ping submission technique that we use to invite different search engines bots to read our content. After crawling, it gets indexed in search engines. Surely it can happen sometimes that the blog content gets crawled by itself. But we suggest you send ping every single time you create fresh content.

Myth 3: No Use Of Meta Tags

After so many updates by Google, most sites do not understand the power of creating meaningful meta tags for their web pages. They used to leave the meta title or description empty as if there is no need. Without creating proper meta tags you will not be able to achieve higher rankings. Meta tags give a clear sign to Google that this webpage is relevant to the search term or not.

Myth 4: Instant Rankings To Get You At First Position

Nowadays, most SEO companies promise to give you instant rankings in one week which is impossible through white hat SEO techniques. This is a complete myth that needs to be broken. SEO can not give you results overnight. You need to be patient or persistent to achieve optimal results. Black hat techniques can only help you in obtaining such results but your website is still in danger of penalties. Ensure white hat building techniques with SEO company Delhi.

Myth 5: Creating  Regular Content Is No Longer Needed

If you are one of those who are not habitual of creating new blog posts or content for their website. Then it can be a myth for you that regular content is not necessary. Without creating new content, you will not be able to get new leads, as well as organic search traffic, will automatically decrease because without any content there will be no new rankings.

Myth 6: Guest Blogging Does Not Give You Rankings

Guest blogging is no longer resourceful for bringing more visitors to your website. Absolutely a myth. Guest blogging is a powerful technique to attract organic traffic or relevancy from other high authorities websites to your website. But the necessary fact is that you have to build a good relationship rather than just backlinks. The content should be so valuable or informative that it resonates with the readers.

Myth 7: Using XML Sitemap Is A Ranking Factor

No doubt creating XML sitemaps is the most necessary feature to create a website that gets crawled or indexed faster. But generating a sitemap that can boost your rankings on search engines is merely a myth. Sitemap helps in indexing the posts or content better. So till now, if you haven’t connected a sitemap to your website then you should install it. It will make it easy for Google to find you new fresh content pages.

Myth 8: Lengthy Blog Posts Or Content Attracts Rankings

Recently we noticed that every website tries to create lengthy content posts to rank at a higher position. But creating lengthy content does not rank you above your competitor. It’s a myth. It usually happens that top-ranking websites have content with more word count. But it is not necessary at all.

Myth 9: Social Media Handles Is Not Necessary

Social Media does not help in website rankings. It is completely untrue. Yes, you can say that the presence of social media does not have a direct impact on your website. A well-engaging social media page for your website that can engage your customers is far better. Likes & shares can create your community with new visitors to your website every day.

Myth 10: Using Anchor Text In Content Is Old Technique

After the penguin update, the use of anchor text is kept done at a minimal level. Everyone considers that linking anchor text to boost rankings, no longer exists. Irrespective of any update, many of the SEO experts still consider that anchor text is a major factor to boost the ranking but do not overdo it.

Myth 11: Domain Authority Is Crucial Ranking Factor

Google mainly considers the strength of the website with a backlink profile. The no. of backlinks decides the domain authority of your domain. It is calculated by Moz. For better rankings, you need to build the high authority of your website. But it is not a crucial ranking factor. High domain authority can create more relevance but does not help your rankings.


Some of the myths have logic but some of them are completely irrelevant. You can read different blogs, researchers, bloggers or sign up for SEO company Delhi to get information but you have to experiment a lot to upgrade your skills or knowledge. Only believing the facts is not going to help you. Do let us know in the comment section any other SEO myth you know.

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